WV’s Addiction Drug Problem Linked to Lack of Treatment Resources

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WV’s Prescription Addiction Drug Problem Linked to Lack of Treatment Resources

Novus Medical Detox Facility of Pasco County, Florida Director referred to West Virginia’s appalling prescription drug abuse, addiction and death statistics as he urged greater private and public action to treat soaring prescription drug problems. “The abuse and addiction problem is nationwide, just like the substances themselves. The fatality rate across the country is completely unacceptable.” the Director said. “West Virginia’s numbers point out the necessity for increased detox and rehab facilities specializing in prescription drug abuse and addiction.”

A study published this week in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) found West Virginia’s unintentional prescription drug related fatal overdose rate in 2006 to be roughly 16 deaths per 100,000 residents, more than twice the national average. Opioid painkillers like methadone, hydrocodone and oxycodone were involved in 93 percent of all prescription drug related deaths. Methadone was to blame for nearly half of them.

Prescription drug addiction involving opioid painkillers is an “absolute epidemic” according to Dr. Carl Sullivan, medical director of addiction programs at West Virginia University. And a shortage of treatment facilities is an enormous problem.

“Lack of treatment resources — beds at in-patient facilities, training for doctors and access for patients in rural areas is so pathetically inadequate it’s embarrassing. If you have diabetes, you can get treatment. If you have high blood pressure, you can get treatment. If you have opioid addiction, you’re out there on your own,” he said.

Medical drug detox is often a necessary step in dealing with prescription drug addiction, abuse or dependence. While many medical drug detox programs take place in a hospital, Novus Medical Detox Center specializes in handling drug dependencies in a private setting that is stress-free, comfortable and safe. The facility, set on 3.2 wooded acres 45 minutes north of Tampa, FL, offers private rooms, TV and high speed internet access. Detoxification programs at Novus provide detox services for people wishing to withdraw from drugs including opiate detox, methadone detox, heroin detox, psychotropic detox, alcohol detox, benzodiazepine detox and prescription drug detox. They can be reached at

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