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Why Novus Medical Detox Is Different – And Better – Than The Others

detox.jpgPeople frequently ask what makes Novus different – and better – than other detox programs. They want to get off drugs or alcohol right now, but they’re having trouble choosing a program.

When you ask the right questions, the answer becomes obvious, and choosing a good medical detox program becomes a whole lot easier.

  1. Is the detox program designed to match your personal needs? Or is it “one-size-fits-all”? Novus creates a drug treatment plan based on your unique metabolism and health needs. Most others don’t bother with that level of detail. We do, because it makes your detox safer, faster and more comfortable.
  1. Does the detox program use the latest medical detox technology andnatural healthy remedies? Novus combines advanced medical protocols with healthy and effective natural remedies, proper hydration and healing IV therapy including vitamins, minerals and amino acids. This makes detox safer, and makes withdrawal more comfortable – one of the most appreciated features of the Novus detox experience. You’d be hard pressed to find anything even close to it anywhere else.
  1. Does the detox program provide round-the-clock expert medical care? This is really important for patient confidence, safety and comfort. Novus ensures your detox is safely on track by providing experienced nursing care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ready to respond to your every need. And the doctor is always on call for patient updates and to revise detox programs as needed.
  1. Do they treat you like a case number? Or like a real person with real needs? Novus treats every patient with dignity and respect. At Novus, you’re not a statistic, you are a special individual with very real and important personal needs. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case at other detox centers.

Here’s the bottom line: The level of care provided by Novus is hard to find anywhere else. Yet it’s really important for fast, effective and more comfortable recovery.

When you look into it, and ask the right questions, you can see why Novus Medical Drug Detox Center is different, and why that makes it better than the others.

“Novus” is the Latin word for “new”. That’s how our patients feel when they‘re free at last from the grip of drugs and alcohol. As we like to say, “There is hope for a new life, and it starts right here at Novus.”


medical detox program: https://novusdetox.com/detox-programs.php

why Novus Medical Drug Detox Center is different: https://novusdetox.com/why-novus.php

There is hope for a new life. Call to speak to one of our experienced & caring detox advisors today!

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