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Vicodin Detox Successes – Business Executive (Vicodin)

I came to a realization that my life was out of control. With a few clicks on the internet and a few phone calls I found the right detox and am very excited for rehab for the first time. While here I set my family at ease and myself. I’ve never felt better and am excited to gain the tools to being sober while in my home state. Thank you Novus for being there and allowing me to detox comfortably. I feel I will be back to surfing and skateboarding and becoming the person everyone loved 15 years ago.

Construction Worker (Alcohol, Vicodin, Heroin)

I felt as though the staff were genuinely concerned for my well being and comfort throughout my stay here at Novus.

I’ve gained the ability to live my life without using Vicodin. Novus has helped me change my way of thinking, therefore realizing there is life after the darkness of Vicodin dependency. All in all, I would highly recommend this facility to anyone who needs it.

Business Executive (Vicodin)

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