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Vicodin Detox Successes – Banker (Vicodin, Percocet, Soma)

This was the best thing I ever did — get clean and continue where this left off. The people were great. The food and housekeeping were great.

Before I made it here, I thought all was lost. I began to appreciate life more the first few days I was here. There is a long way to go because I still feel I am not free of the things I was doing. Thanks to the staff for giving me the ideals of continuing to get the help I need.

I will be attending the next level and try and find out why this happened in the first place. Novus I think saved my life. I feel better and don’t think about ending my life anymore. I have decided to go to the Sauna Detox to get this stuff completely out of my system. I realize I could not have done this without you guys. My wife and I have made great strides in our relationship and by coming here she has come on board to help me get through this.

Thanks again to your whole staff.

Banker (Vicodin, Percocet, Soma)

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