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The Lindsay Lohan tale continues…

Lindsay Lohan’s back in the news. Not for a movie premier, or an awards ceremony, but for a parole violation that could land her in jail for the second time. As part of her probation, she was to perform 360 of 480 hours of community service for the Downtown Women’s Center, but was let go for failing to show up for 9 scheduled meetings. Furthermore, when she did show up, she wasn’t staying more than an hour, when her requirement was to perform at least 4 hours of work per visit. After being let go from the Downtown Women’s Center, she began volunteering at the Red Cross, but the judge in charge of her case had not approved the switch, and in considering her release from the center, ordered her to go directly to jail for the violation. She was released shortly after on $100,000 bond. She will return to court on November 2nd to learn if she will be ordered to serve the rest of her sentence in jail.

Lohan appeared unkempt at her court appearance, and her father has recently stated that she is doing illegal drugs that are rotting her teeth badly. She recently appeared in public with yellowing, decayed looking teeth, a clear sign of smoking meth or crack from a pipe. When asked about her teeth in a televised interview, Michael Lohan said: “That’s from smoking a pipe with meth or crack, … she’s smoking either crack or meth, one or the other. I’m not going to shade it.”

Although the conviction Lohan is serving probation for is not drug-related, she has been the poster child of drug and alcohol abuse for years. It’s clear how badly damaged her judgment has become due to her addiction, and how detrimental it has been to her health, family, life and career. Lindsay’s stints in drug rehabs has been a highly publicized media circus.

We can only hope she can get a hold of her life, which is swirling rapidly out of control, before it’s too late. Too many people lose their lives to drugs every day, but it’s the celebrities that seem to get all the press. But if her never-ending and very public drug addiction helps just one person see a similarity to himself and seek help, then at least something good may come from all this.

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