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In spite of her best efforts to help her son overcome his addiction, Justin Phillips lost 20-year-old Aaron to a heroin overdose in October, 2013. Countless grief-stricken moms across America have had to face similar unthinkable tragedies like heroin overdose. Only a few manage to turn such a…

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(Novus writes inspirational stories of people in the news who have overcome addiction.  This is not to infer that these people are connected to Novus Medical Detox Center but simply to provide hope and encouragement to those fighting addiction.) A Canadian athlete is proving not only that drug…

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Most of the 500 Metro Detroit doctors who recently evaluated a new online prescription drug program say it improves patient safety and quality of care by reducing the number of pharmacy errors, patient allergies and harmful drug interactions that can occur as a result of hand-written prescriptions.…

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