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In spite of her best efforts to help her son overcome his addiction, Justin Phillips lost 20-year-old Aaron to a heroin overdose in October, 2013. Countless grief-stricken moms across America have had to face similar unthinkable tragedies like heroin overdose. Only a few manage to turn such a…

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(Novus writes inspirational stories of people in the news who have overcome addiction. This is not to infer that these people are connected to Novus Medical Detox Center but simply to provide hope and encouragement to those fighting addiction.) In early October last year (2015), tens of thousands…

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The threat to the nation from heroin is serious and has been increasing since 2007, says a report from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). But in many communities across the nation, you don't need official DEA reports to know what's going on, because it's happening right under your…

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As a senior at Michigan’s Flint Central High School, 17-year-old high school pitcher Jim Abbott threw four no-hitters, struck out 148 batters in 74 innings, and had an Earned Run Average (ERA) of 0.76. (If you don’t know what ERA means, that’s ok. Just know that a 0.76 ERA is roughly six…

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