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Passed in a sweeping bipartisan 92-to-2 vote, the "Opioids Bill" is the first ever drug addiction legislation to support long-term treatment and recovery. But there's no funding in the bill to pay for any of the forward-looking measures. The U.S. Senate has approved a new "opioids bill" which…

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Just weeks after the Senate passed the historic Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (CARA) by an overwhelming bipartisan vote of 94-to-1, Congress has again demonstrated broad bipartisan support for the battle against America's opioid epidemic. And then just a few weeks ago, House lawmakers…

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The new bill took three years of bipartisan Senate effort, and addresses many aspects of the battle to end the nation's opioid epidemic. But it may prove to be too little too late because of a serious lack of funding. In a 94-to-1 vote that shows overwhelming bipartisan support in the war against…

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Most people have heard of Hershey, Pennsylvania. But not everyone knows it’s the home of the legendary “Hershey bar”. And even fewer know the amazing true story of how Milton Hershey armed with only a 4th grade education, and the determination to make his dreams come true, turned a candy bar…

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