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It’s okay to share your Tylenol or Advil with a friend or family member, but it’s definitely not okay to share your Vicodin, Percocet or OxyContin or other extra painkillers. Tylenols are OTC – over-the-counter drugs – and they’re approved for everyone. But opioids like OxyContin are…

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It’s rare to find a person these days who hasn’t had to have at least one tooth extracted by a dentist. Although bad teeth eaten away by decay are rare these days, 85 percent of Americans have their wisdom teeth surgically extracted by dentists all over the world – millions of them every…

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New data from Canada suggests that dentists are playing a pretty big part in the prescription opioid addiction crisis in Canada, and possibly here in the U.S. too. A recent study of opioid prescriptions in Canada’s province of Ontario has found that dentists prescribe as many as 40 percent of…

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