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Prescription Drug Rehab Readmissions Exceed First-Time Admissions

Novus Medical Detox Facility of Pasco County, Florida Director is concerned about statistics showing readmissions for prescription drug addiction and abuse were twice as high as first-time admissions, indicating that drug rehabilitation efforts are failing to get the desired result in many instances. “Too many people don’t understand the dangers posed by prescription drugs. Because these substances are available by prescription and in medicine cabinets instead of back alleys, some fail to understand the toxic impact of dependence or addiction. The rise in Emergency Room visits for potentially fatal prescription drug reactions – 500,000 annually according to most recent data – should be a loud wake-up call.” the Director said.

In 2007, according to a recent government survey, 6.9 million Americans aged 12 or older said they had abused prescription drugs non-medically in the past month. Almost all of them, 5.2 million people, were abusing pain relievers — OxyContin, Vicodin, Percocet, Lortab, methadone, generic hydrocodone and a host of other opiates and opioids — all potentially deadly, and all the drugs most commonly associated with prescription drug addiction today.

“The statistics show that readmissions normally involve a different prescription drug than the earlier admission, indicating a lack of determination to live drug free. If people were fully aware of the addictive nature of these substances and the harm that abuse can cause, lack of determination would not be a problem.” the Director continued.

Medical drug detox is often a necessary step in dealing with addiction, abuse or dependence. While many medical drug detox programs take place in a hospital, Novus Medical Detox Center specializes in handling drug dependencies in a private setting that is stress-free, comfortable and safe. The facility, set on 3.2 wooded acres 45 minutes north of Tampa, FL, offers private rooms, TV and high speed internet access. Detoxification programs at Novus provide detox services for people wishing to withdraw from drugs including opiate detox, heroin detox, psychotropic detox, alcohol detox, benzodiazepine detox and prescription drug detox. They can be reached at .

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