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Patient Success Story – I’m The Captain Of My Own Ship

After Novus Opiate Detox, I’m The Captain Of My Own Ship

I checked into Novus with zero confidence left in myself. I thought if I couldn’t get off the medicine that I chose to take myself, what could I do?

As the days slowly moved by at Novus, I really began to feel better. While doing the “work” it takes to come off oxycodone, I slowly began to believe in myself once again. That small light inside myself started as a flicker, but grew into a flame.

As my days neared the end of my stay, my ability to be good to myself returned. I believe this was because the Novus staff took such good care of me. The initiative to do the same for myself returned day by day. I relearned what I need to do, to stay a healthy, drug-free individual.

The supplements they gave me on the program helped regenerate my physical strength. The staff here were so good at helping me regain my mental strength too.

Thanks to Novus and the help they gave me, I learned the tools I needed to refrain from drugs.

I will never again let doctors dictate what I put into my body. With the help of Novus, I am more educated, and much better equipped, to be the captain of my own ship now. I have a choice about what I take or ingest in my body.

I think a lot of people who need pain management forget that choice. Only you know yourself, and only you can take care of you. Thank you Novus for helping me relearn that.

I will never forget the kindness I experienced at Novus. I will recommend this facility to anyone who becomes lost in all the madness that modern medicine can create.

There is a way back! And I learned that at Novus.

Thank you for that.

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