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Patient Success a Few Months After Returning Home

People that have been involved with this do know the entire milligram lingo you speak of and I think that will help them believe that you really know what you are talking about and then they can trust you.

This is my backhanded way of saying thank you so much for all you and your staff and your wife and wonderful daughter have done for me.

The first month after Novus was very difficult — a lot of panic attaches — a lot. Your program is the best — I should say…. It was the best for me. You do really realize that every individual is different and you honestly do address each one individually.

I certainly do applauded you all — I’m not sure how you ever came up with such a wonderful program but I, again, do thank you and god for taking me in, taking care of me, talking me through my bad dreams, sleepless nights, feeling of guilt (which I don’t have any more), and fear of being the way I was (a happier me).

Thank you alllllll again

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