The widely-prescribed prescription painkiller tramadol has tricked doctors, and in turn their patients, into thinking it is a safer alternative to what are considered stronger narcotic painkillers, such as OxyContin.

The truth is, tramadol can produce a morphine- or heroin-like high, and according to public health officials, it’s in the running to compete with OxyContin addiction.

Thousands of tramadol overdose cases arrive at emergency medical centers every year, and hundreds more are seeking treatment for tramadol addiction. And just like the rising death toll from OxyContin abuse, a significant number of people are dying from tramadol overdoses.

So far, tramadol hasn’t equaled the destruction caused by OxyContin addiction and abuse, but there are indications that it could. OxyContin addiction has skyrocketed across the country, and has killed many innocent people.

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Could tramadol abuse possibly equal OxyContin abuse?

OxyContin is a time release formulation of the opioid oxycodone which is a favorite with serious opioid abusers because they can crush the pill to defeat the time release mechanism. Once it is crushed, they can snort it or shoot it up, and get the instant euphoria of heroin.

Don’t forget that OxyContin is essentially legal heroin, and in the Appalachians it is nicknamed “hillbilly heroin”.

Tramadol tablets (brand names Ultram® and Ultracet®) are known as “chill pills” or “ultras” on the streets, where they are sold as an alternative narcotic—sort of an “OxyContin lite”.

Although it’s not a traditional street opioid like heroin or morphine, tramadol can produce a euphoria comparable to heroin, even at a single dose of 75 mg. And many recreational users claim it doesn’t come with the cognitive impairment of OxyContin and other opioids.

But there’s another, more dangerous aspect to tramadol: it also comes in a time-release version, called Ultram ER® (Extended Release) 100mg-300mg, which abusers are now defeating and ingesting all at once—the best formula for rapid addiction and sudden death.

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Ten reasons why tramadol may eclipse OxyContin addiction

Here are ten reasons why tramadol could become as deadly as OxyContin addiction:

  1. As of 2014 Tramadol is listed as a Schedule IV controlled substance, which makes it easier to get than OxyContin (Schedule II) or many other controlled narcotics — and it’s a lot cheaper.
  2. In the US, more than 43 million tramadol prescriptions were dispensed in 2013, according to government statistics, and those numbers continue to rise.
  3. Doctors and patients still think—quite incorrectly—that tramadol is less harmful and addictive than OxyContin and other opioid painkillers.
  4. Until doctors and the public are made aware of its real dangers, tramadol will continue to be prescribed until the number of tramadol addicts equals those suffering from OxyContin addiction.
  5. Anyone, including teenagers and even children, can get the drug from hundreds of internet sites which advertise “no prescription needed” and charge as little as 18 cents a pill.
  6. Police across the country say teens can get tramadol more easily than alcohol, and no one is saying how many millions of tramadol pills are being diverted to illicit sales. Of course, no one knows how much OxyContin is being diverted to support OxyContin addiction either.
  7. Here is the big one: Serious tramadol abusers defeat the time-release capsules and ingest it all at once to get the same instant euphoric effects as heroin and OxyContin!
  8. Crushing and mainlining tramadol, or OxyContin for that matter, is not required to become addicted or even to die. For some people, just following doctor’s orders can lead to tramadol or OxyContin addiction, and even death.
  9. Tramadol abusers compare the high favorably to heroin, morphine, and OxyContin. There’s nothing like good customer reviews to ensure brisk sales.
  10. They also say tramadol effects can last for eight, ten or even twelve hours—far longer than the four to six hours common to other opioids = more customer satisfaction.

Safe and effective Florida detox for OxyContin and tramadol

The first step in treating tramadol or OxyContin addiction is to detox from the drug. But a cold turkey tramadol or OxyContin detox can be so uncomfortable that many people can’t get through it, and return to the drug.

Tramadol or OxyContin detox can also be seriously dangerous without experienced medical supervision.

That’s why the Novus Medical Detox Center detox protocols make tramadol and OxyContin detox not only safe, but also far easier to complete successfully and more comfortably than more traditional detox methods.

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If you or someone you love is taking OxyContin or Tramodol and you suspect there might be a problem, CALL Novus Medical Detox Center NOW at .

We can help. We’ll get you or your loved one through a safe and more comfortable OxyContin or Tramodol detox. It’s the first step to resolving dependency/addiction and abuse, and it could save their life.


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