Florida’s Drug Pipeline Fuels Oxycodone & OxyContin Detox

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Florida’s Drug Pipeline Fuels Oxycodone and OxyContin Detox Along the Eastern Seaboard

Acting on a tip from a local postal inspector, police in Stoughton, Mass., recently intercepted a suspicious package mailed from Miami that was addressed to a Miami woman expected to check in soon at the town’s Courtyard by Marriott hotel.

Suspecting drugs, the cops found a stash of Percocet in the package, the narcotic painkiller powered by the opioid oxycodone. Oxycodone is the active ingredient in the notoriously addictive and dangerous painkiller OxyContin.

The size of the stash was staggering — 3,280 Percocet pills. But even more staggering, the street value of the drugs was close to $100,000, said the police.

The cops also found a laptop computer and three cell phones in the hotel room — obviously a little drug organization was going on. They concluded that the drugs were intended for distribution in Massachusetts.

Two suspects were jailed on charges of conspiracy to violate the drug laws and trafficking in opiates, a 29-year-old male and his accomplice, a 24-year-old female, both from Miami.

The prosecutor alleged that the young woman, a nursing student, was paid $500 to fly to Massachusetts from Miami, check into the hotel, collect the package and deliver it to the main perpetrator, the man in custody. The prosecutor added that this was not their first drug operation.

This story is typical of what’s been going on for years. Drugs from Florida — particularly OxyContin and oxycodone — pour north fueling oxycodone and OxyContin addictions, overdoses and deaths in cities and towns up the Eastern Seaboard, accompanied by the endless cry for help from victims of addiction, and their families, for effective oxycodone and OxyContin detox and treatment.

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Florida’s pill mills spew oxycodone and OxyContin death

The cops weren’t surprised to find drugs in the package from Miami. Florida is acknowledged by local, state and federal law enforcement officials as the illicit prescription drug capital of the country — especially for OxyContin and oxycodone.

Broward County, which includes Fort Lauderdale, is the nation’s capital in oxycodone sales, dispensing more than 9 million tablets in one six-month period in 2008, according to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. A recent count found that Broward County had 154 pill-dispensing pain clinics, Palm Beach County had 122, and across all of Florida, there were 942.

Republican Pam Bondi, who won the recent election for Florida attorney general, called Florida “the pill mill capital of the world.” Democrat Dan Gelber said the state is the “Sam’s Club of prescription drugs.”

Florida’s hundreds of poorly regulated pain clinics are nicknamed “pill mills” because they dispense enormous amounts of drugs indiscriminately, on a cash basis. These bogus clinics dispense OxyContin, oxycodone and many other narcotic painkillers by the hundreds per customer. Tens of thousands of people a year arrive from all over the country and line up all day to get their OxyContin, oxycodone, hydrocodone, Percocets, Lortabs — the list goes on and on.

Then the pills enter the “Florida pipeline”, the channel flooding OxyContin into much of the United States. A good percentage of OxyContin and oxycodone detox patients in the United States owe their dependencies and addictions to the countless millions of OxyContin and oxycodone pills that have spread like a plague across the country from Florida’s pill mills.

The quiet little town of Stoughton, Mass., population maybe 30,000, sits innocently enough on the eastern leg of the Florida drug pipeline. Stoughton was likely targeted because it is geographically the midpoint between nearby Boston, Cape Cod and Providence — three sizeable drug markets.

But Florida itself is far from immune. Every year, Florida OxyContin addictions and dependencies result in hundreds of people entering Florida detox centers. And if it isn’t OxyContin, it’s one or more of many other drugs containing oxycodone. OxyContin and oxycodone detox are among the most demanded treatments at Florida detox centers.

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In Florida, OxyContin detox programs are not all the same. Far too many Florida OxyContin detox programs are one-size-fits-all programs that do not take into account each patient’s unique treatment requirements.

When you look for a really effective OxyContin or oxycodone detox program, look for one that provides:

  • The safety of experienced 24/7 medical supervision
  • A detox program tailored to match your specific situation
  • Helpful medicines to reduce the physical cravings and minimizing OxyContin withdrawal symptoms. (Many Florida OxyContin detox programs do not address withdrawal symptoms effectively.)
  • Health-protecting and health-building protocols including vitamin IVs for proper hydration, great food and needed nutritional supplements.

Or make it easy on yourself, and just come to Novus Medical Detox Center, because these are our standard OxyContin detox protocols.

Novus Medical Detox Center in Florida’s Pasco County offers one of the most effective OxyContin detox programs in the country.

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