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Florida Detox Center Offers a Solution to Mankind’s 6,000 Years of Addiction

For more than 6,000 years, humans have been using, abusing and getting addicted to opium and its derivatives—heroin, morphine, and all the prescription painkillers like OxyContin, oxycodone and hydrocodone—while ruining their lives in the bargain.

In all those 6,000 years, while loudly lamenting the tragedy of drug addiction and its terrible social costs, Mankind’s only “solution” has been criminalization of the drugs and its millions of victims.

Of course, as we all know, criminalization has yielded zero positive results. Instead, we have ever-rising drug addiction and death statistics, and a soaring drug-related crime rate.

Another really bad idea, hatched some 50 or more years ago, was to transfer heroin and morphine addicts to the alternative opium-like drug called methadone. This abysmal scheme has endured, ensuring only that addicts remain enslaved to the new drug. It also, by the way, transfers their drug money from street pushers into the pockets of drug companies and methadone clinics.

The bottom line is this:

After 6,000 years of opium-based addiction, the world’s scientists claim they still don’t know how to cure it. In place of a sane, caring program to get our millions of suffering addicts permanently off drugs, we get endless scientific mumbo-jumbo about brains, abysmal ideas about treatment and worsening drug statistics across the globe.

Medical Drug Detox — The Solution that Leads to Real Recovery

Don’t let anyone tell you that drug detox is bad, horrible, painful, miserable, near-impossible to complete, is not necessary or should be avoided. It may seem that way at many detox centers, but it doesn’t have to be like that.

Florida Based Novus Medical Detox Center Solution

At Novus Medical Detox Center in Pasco County, Florida, solutions to addiction have been discovered—and they are being delivered right now. Detox programs for all the usual drugs—and the more dangerous and difficult ones that other centers won’t treat, like high-dose methadone and benzodiazepines—are quickly, more comfortably and more safely reversing drug dependencies than you ever imagined.

Novus opens the door to full rehabilitation and recovery of your life through medically- tailored programs that significantly ease and speed withdrawal. Finishing a Novus detox program and feeling better than ever is not something one just hopes for. It is the expected result.

Whether Opioids Or Opiates, They’re Highly Addictive

Today’s “opium” of choice is a synthetic prescription painkiller called an “opioid”.

Made by pharmaceutical companies, opioids are chemically designed to resemble opium, and are found in dozens of prescription painkillers like Vicodin with the opioid hydrocodone, and OxyContin which contains the opioid oxycodone.

Morphine and codeine, on the other hand, are two of several more “natural” opium derivatives called “opiates”—drugs derived directly from the natural alkaloids found in the resin of the opium poppy.

And in between are pharmaceutical concoctions that are a mix of the two—part synthetic and part natural derivative. The most notorious example is heroin, which is derived from the opiate morphine, but which also has been partially synthesized.

OxyContin—Legal Heroin

In fact, OxyContin and the other opioids are really just legal morphine or heroin. And on any day of the week, in most cities and towns, OxyContin is addicting, injuring or killing more people and ruining more lives than street-level morphine and heroin combined.

Every day, doctors hand out tens of thousands of doses of OxyContin and similar opioids, for every conceivable ache and pain. Also, thousands more OxyContin and other opioid pills are stolen or diverted for illegal distribution.

Meanwhile, Big Pharma just increases production to meet the demand. This means that millions more people around the world are taking legal heroin every day than all the heroin addicts that ever skulked in seedy alleyways shooting up and nodding off.

There is hope for a new life.Call to speak to one of our experienced & caring detox advisors today!

How Did This Love Affair With Opium Start?

Looking to opium for relief from life’s problems has been with us for at least 6,000 years.

Archaeologists have discovered poppy seed capsules used in ritual burials in a Swiss mountain cave, carbon-dated to 4,200 BC. And they have decoded Sumerian records of opium poppy cultivation—which the locals called “the joy plant”—dating from 3,400 BC in Mesopotamia.

In the 20th Century, opium addiction quickly gave way to heroin and morphine addictions. Although these opium derivatives were originally medical drugs, they soon became street drugs, available from pushers all over the world.

Today, after 6,000 years of experience with opium, we’ve also learned a thing or two about manufacturing, distribution and marketing—and pharmaceuticals. We can make all kinds of hi-tech opium-like pills to sell to anyone who asks for them which, for a while, will ease their physical or mental pain.

Because some people, at first, feel better about their lives while they’re stoned on opium-like drugs, opium has always been cultivated down through the centuries.

And the drug’s potential to enslave means that in every age, vicious people have been attracted to the lucrative role of supplier, dealer and pusher.

The fact that these pills get people high, make them dependent, and create addiction with frightening ease, has been made of secondary importance. And curing the dependencies and addictions has been almost completely ignored. There’s just not enough money in it.

Here we are in an age where millionaires can buy a ride into outer space, and instant conversations, pictures and videos from anywhere in the world are only a cell phone away.

Yet addiction to opium, and all its many by-products, is still viewed by most people as some kind of enormously complex, almost unsolvable mystery.

Every day, while useless discussions are mumbled among “addiction experts”, thousands of addicts suffer and die, and thousands more become newly addicted.

With no real understanding of or concern for addiction, and no interest in creating a 100-percent-successful protocol for withdrawal and recovery from opioids, Big Pharma, with its doctor-pushers, has become the biggest, most successful drug cartel in history. As hundreds of billions of dollars roll in every year, and without the need of a single machine gun, it makes the South American and Asian drug lords look like penny-ante amateurs.

OxyContin Detox Done The Right Way

In recent years, the fastest growing addictions among the population involve the opioid painkillers oxycodone, hydrocodone, and especially the highly addictive oxycodone time-release painkiller called OxyContin.

The general addiction prevention scene across much of the world indicates that we have no idea how to keep people from getting addicted unless we follow them around 24/7—which is far from a practical solution—and encourage them with posters and slogans to “just say no”—also far from an ideal solution, given human nature and the power of pharmaceutical advertising.

Judging from the high failure rates among addiction and detox programs almost everywhere in the world, particularly concerning OxyContin addiction and detox, it seems no one really knows what to do when people actually do wind up getting addicted.

Yet, everyone knows that recovery from drug addiction begins with withdrawal from the substance—the dreaded period of pain and misery called drug detox.

The problem is most addicts simply can’t get through it. OxyContin detox, for example, sees more people blow out the door (or any convenient window) of the OxyContin detox clinic, and return to the drugs, than successfully recover their lives.

Breakthrough OxyContin Detox Program at Novus Medical Detox Center in Florida

That’s why the breakthrough OxyContin detox program at Novus Medical Detox Center has become relatively famous in the industry because of its unparalleled record of success.

“Providing a smoother, easier, more confrontable withdrawal experience has solved the very real problems of OxyContin detox,” said the director of Novus Medical Detox Center. “Our solution guarantees a higher percentage of patients who can return to a drug-free life, or move on more positively to drug rehab.”

At Novus Medical Detox, a medically supervised OxyContin detox protocol based on each patient’s unique metabolism and health requirements is proving tremendously successful.

“This kind of program is the opposite of the unreliable ‘cookie-cutter’, ‘one-size-fits-all’ detox programs so prevalent across the country,” Director said. “Detoxing from any substance should treat the whole patient. Medically supervised OxyContin detox is by far the safest and most successful approach.”

Anyone wanting to handle OxyContin addiction or dependence, or any addictive substance, should not give up because of the miseries of earlier drug detox systems.

Effective help is available now at Novus Medical Detox Center.

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There is hope for a new life. Call to speak to one of our experienced & caring detox advisors today!

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