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Oxycontin Detox Successes – Student (OxyContin, Hydrocodone)

Everything was great at my visit here.

I was doing 180-210 mg of OxyContin a day. It became ridiculous spending most of my money on pills and watching my life quickly dwindling away so I came to realize I needed help. With the help of very understanding parents, I was able to come to Novus. My stay here at Novus was very nice and helpful. The friendly environment made it easy for me to detox off of a deadly addiction to OxyContin. I cannot stress enough how easy it was to detox here at Novus with this awesome environment and friendly staff. I really encourage anyone that is willing to detox to come to Novus because you will detox in the greatest atmosphere and be really comfortable in the process!

Student (OxyContin, Hydrocodone)

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