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Oxycontin Detox Successes – Police Officer (Lortab, Oxycodone)

I came here to Novus Detox and was very sick. I was on Lortab and Oxycodone for 2 years. The reason I came to Novus was to get detoxed so I can go back to work without having to go through a rehabilitation program that takes usually 90+ days to complete. While I was here at Novus they made me realize that not only meds from a physician can help and there were other ways of dealing with pain and anxiety. For example, they showed me vitamins and explained what each vitamin helps with what was wrong with that certain person. I’ve been here for 8 days and they have helped me think in a new way that not only narcotics can solve the issue, but there are other methods of doing so.

Police Officer (Lortab, Oxycodone)

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