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Oxycontin Detox Successes – Mechanic (Roxycotton, Xanax)

My stay at Novus was a great experience. I don’t have any comments because my stay was far from my expectations. It was great. Nothing needs to be changed about the way the Novus program works.

I have no favorites. “All” staff, counselors, nurses, were great and helpful.

Food was incredible!

Relaxing, comfortable.

Before I came to Novus I was a major wreck. I was abusing opioids and benzos. I thought my life was going to crash, meaning never stop my addiction to drugs. I was very nervous coming to Novus not knowing what to expect. When I arrived, I was totally shocked. The staff here were incredible. Anything I needed they were there to help and do anything possible to help with any problem. The detox program was great because I was comfortable all the time. I never thought it would feel so good leaving here. I thank all the counselors, doctors, nurses, and cooks from the bottom of my heart for the time at Novus.

Mechanic (Roxycotton, Xanax)

(emphasis added in bold)

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