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New Study Suggests OxyContin Addiction May Have the Power of an Ancient Instinct

The difficulty people experience overcoming an OxyContin addiction — or any opiate/opioid addiction — has been at least partially explained by scientists studying our instinctive need for salt.

The same genes that drive us to satisfy our ancient, instinctive appetite for salt are associated with the drive to satisfy a cocaine addiction, or avoid the side-effects of opiate/opioid withdrawal. Such addictions or dependencies may have the same power, says the study, as an irresistible instinctive drive.

These findings won’t help anyone get through a cold-turkey opiate/opioid detox, for example. Only a modern, medical detox like the one offered at Novus can do that.

But these findings do explain, at least partially, how drugs like OxyContin get such a powerful grip on some people that it utterly controls their lives.

From One of Our Patients: “I will have a life again as opposed to an existence. Thank you all so much.”

Is OxyContin addiction a “primordial emotion” or simply a personal choice?

The need for salt is one of several “primordial emotions”, which are now associated with or called “instincts”.

Other instinctive drives, which we have developed over countless millions of years, include sexual reproduction, thirst, hunger and pain. Some of these instincts are so deeply associated with survival that they can’t be denied without suffering dire consequences. In the cases of thirst or hunger — and salt — for example, such consequences can extend all the way to death of the organism.

Therefore, the study suggests, opiate/opioid and cocaine addictions must be so deeply powerful and difficult to overcome because they have essentially become — at least biochemically and neurologically — identical to ancient primordial instincts for survival.

So is an OxyContin addiction — or any drug addiction — simply a matter of choice? Should someone with such an addiction be able to simply decide to stop, and then just stop? These are the kinds of ideas that fuel a number of drug detox and addiction myths.

The salt instinct study suggests otherwise. Anyone suffering from an OxyContin dependence or addiction who has been through an OxyContin detox, or denied their regular dose, is soon very familiar with the side effects of such deprivation. Although they may have consciously decided to try an addictive drug, they would certainly agree with the scientists that dependence and addiction are far beyond a simply decision.

That’s why advanced detox programs, like the Novus Medical Detox Center of Florida OxyContin detox program, are so necessary and so appreciated.

First, OxyContin detox deals with deep physical and emotional needs — and this new study shows how deeply those physical needs can run. Second, getting off OxyContin at Novus is so much more comfortable than other detox programs that patients frequently recommend us to others.

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