OxyContin Addiction/Dependence Tough for Businessmen

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Overcoming OxyContin Addiction or Dependence Can Be Tough for a Businessman

Many people who go to private drug detox centers to handle OxyContin addiction or dependency are businessmen: Lawyers, doctors, accountants, engineers, contractors, stock brokers, and so on — careers that might end if someone knew about the drug problem, or if a professional license was revoked because of it. Someone in this position is battling two problems — the drug dependency and all of its effects, and the potential consequences of making the problem known so you can do an OxyContin detox to end it. It’s a trap.

OxyContin Addiction or Dependence often starts with a Prescription for Pain

Many people develop an OxyContin addiction or dependency when they’re given a prescription by their doctor. Sometimes the prescription is to handle the pain of an injury, sometimes it’s after surgery, and sometimes the pain is a chronic condition. However it starts, it’s difficult to end. It doesn’t take long to develop a dependency, or an addiction.

OxyContin withdrawal on your own is tough

When trying to get off OxyContin on your own, it’s tough to work. Basically, you’re going through withdrawal. Unfortunately, the symptoms are not unlike withdrawing from heroin. They start with anxiety, increased respiratory rate, sweating, restlessness and flu and cold-like symptoms but get worse from there. Which is why many people just take another pill. However, the more you take, the higher the chances of your dependency developing into OxyContin addiction.

Once you’ve tried getting off OxyContin on your own, and failed, things can seem pretty hopeless. Perhaps the only way you can get the help you need is to make it known you have a problem so you can take time off to get through a drug detox program. You just hope that you won’t ruin your career in the process.

Medically Supervised OxyContin Detox

However, there are other options. There are private medically supervised drug detox centers that can get you through an OxyContin detox while keeping your information confidential. Some also give you other drugs that help get you through the withdrawal process with a minimum of discomfort. If it’s done right, you may even be able to work while you’re doing it.

Find out what makes a medically supervised OxyContin Detox different (fast and safer) at Novus Medical Detox Center.

If you’re suffering from OxyContin addiction or dependency and think you need help to get off the drug, your best bet is to contact a private medically supervised drug detox center that can help get you through an OxyContin detox in a relatively short time, and with minimum discomfort. Bottom line, you can get off OxyContin and you don’t have to risk your career to do it.

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