Prescribed by Doctors or Taken for FUN

OxyContin Addiction and OxyContin Dependence Are Widespread, and Can Have Deadly Consequences

And the pain of coming off it can stop most people from trying…

If you’re having a problem with OxyContin addiction, you’re not alone.

  • OxyContin dependency and OxyContin addictions are an epidemic sweeping the country.
  • OxyContin, like heroin, oxycodone, Vicodin, methadone, hydrocodone and other opiates and opioids, is highly addictive.
  • OxyContin is essentially “legal” heroin.
  • Oxycodone, the active ingredient in OxyContin, is molecularly similar to and has similar effects to heroin in the body.
  • Percodan and Percocet also contain oxycodone.
  • OxyContin came on the market in the mid ‘90’s.
  • Misrepresentations to doctors about its addictive qualities by Purdue Pharma, its manufacturer, led to a $680 million fine and a guilty plea, but not until 2007.
  • Within just a few years of its release, more prescriptions were being written for OxyContin than all other opiate painkillers combined.
  • OxyContin addiction and abuse soon became the number one reason for admissions into many drug treatment centers.
  • Hospital emergency room visits climbed to more than 30,000.
  • The OxyContin/oxycodone DEATH toll has quadrupled.
  • OxyContin dependence means that you will experience painful OxyContin withdrawal symptoms if you stop taking OxyContin.
  • OxyContin addiction means that you will not only experience painful OxyContin withdrawal symptoms if you stop taking OxyContin, but also that you crave the “high” that you get from using OxyContin.
  • When taken for pain, OxyContin actually increases the pain in many people. This is a condition called opioid-induced hyperalgesia.
  • OxyContin addiction and/or dependence is not something to be taken lightly. Understanding OxyContin withdrawal is important.
  • A more comfortable and safe OxyContin withdrawal requires a supervised OxyContin medical detox.

Novus Medical Detox Center and OxyContin Detox

Novus Medical Detox Center uses an OxyContin detox protocol that provides the following:

  • A detox program designed individually just for you
  • Over 90% of patients starting their OxyContin detox successfully complete their OxyContin withdrawal
  • A professional and caring staff on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • A home-like environment
  • A safe, comfortable, private or comfortable shared room equipped with high-speed internet access, a television and telephone
  • Medications as needed
  • Vitamin IV’s that hydrate you while providing you with needed nutrients, vitamins and minerals to make you stronger and your withdrawal from Oxycontin addiction and/or dependence easier, safer and more comfortable
  • No additional drugs to take when you leave
  • Natural supplements
  • Delicious food
  • A pleasant, quiet location on 3.25 treed acres

From one of our patients:

"The first thing I realized is that I’m not alone and this can happen to anybody. I also realized that I am a strong person for making the decision to get help…”

See the reason behind OxyContin addiction below.

If you or someone you care about is taking Oxycontin

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Our Detox Advisors are available 7 days a week. We can help you arrange a safer, more comfortable medically-supervised OxyContin detox as the first step toward ending OxyContin addiction, dependency and abuse.

The Reasons Behind OxyContin Dependence and Addiction, and the Need for a Medically-Supervised Detox

  • Endorphins are the body’s natural painkillers and mood elevators.
  • Heroin, morphine, methadone, Vicodin, hydrocodone, oxycodone, OxyContin and other opioids and opiates artificially increase the body’s production of endorphins.
  • After you’ve taken OxyContin for a while – supplying the body with an external source for stimulating endorphin production – the body tends to produce fewer and fewer endorphins on its own and, consequently, becomes physically dependent on the drug for the production of endorphins.
  • Many move from OxyContin dependence to addiction—they crave the feeling that OxyContin gives them.
  • Stop using OxyContin and, because there are insufficient endorphins produced by the body, the body undergoes severe and painful withdrawal symptoms.
  • Almost no one can complete an OxyContin withdrawal on their own because of the pain.

OVERDOSE—A Very Dangerous Consequence in OxyContin Addiction and Dependency

  • Overdose occurs when you take more of a drug than your body can handle.
  • OxyContin overdose can occur with long-term use, as the body builds a tolerance to the drug, or it can occur when someone has only used OxyContin for a short time or takes just one OxyContin tablet for the first time.
  • Medical examiners say many young people die from OxyContin overdose after taking only one OxyContin tablet.
  • OxyContin overdose can have serious effects:
    1. Skeletal muscle flaccidity;
    2. Cold and clammy skin;
    3. Lowered blood pressure and heart rate;
    4. Coma;
    5. Severe respiratory distress;
    6. Death.

A Safe and More Comfortable Withdrawal Is the Best Option.

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At Novus We Know:

  • Everyone’s metabolism is different.
  • Your detoxification program must be individually designed for you–no one-size-fits-all.
  • A tailor-made program for you, with our staff consulting you regularly as to your progress, is what will guarantee a safe, more comfortable and successful OxyContin detox.

More words from a patient: “Thank you for giving me not only my life back, my sanity, and my strength, but my soul as well….”

If you or someone you love is taking OxyContin and you suspect there might be a problem, CALL Novus Medical Detox NOW at We can help. We’ll get you or your loved one through a safe and more comfortable OxyContin detox. It’s the first step to resolving OxyContin dependency/addiction and abuse, and it could save their life.