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Florida Oxycodone Deaths Surge 61% In One Year

The prescription narcotic painkiller oxycodone killed more Floridians in 2009 than ever before, according to a report from medical examiners under the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE).

The examiners’ report says oxycodone caused 1,185 state deaths in 2009, a 26 percent increase from 2008 and a horrifying 249 percent increase in just the past four years.

Small wonder that demands for more effective Florida oxycodone detox and OxyContin treatment have never been higher. Oxycodone is the active opioid ingredient in the notoriously addictive and deadly narcotic painkiller OxyContin, which has been implicated in record-high death statistics not just across Florida, but across the nation.

Report Concerns Florida oxycodone detox centers

The FDLE examiners’ report has captured the interest of Florida detox centers because of the constant, widespread demand for oxycodone detox and OxyContin treatment in Florida.

The report is certainly timely, because Oxycodone has been much in the news recently:

  • Media coverage and public discussions have never been higher about Florida’s infamous pill mills—alleged pain management clinics which masquerade as medically relevant pain clinics while indiscriminately handing out narcotic pain pills (including a lot of oxycodone and OxyContin) to almost anyone with cash.
  • Police across Florida have been raiding the more disreputable pill mills, confiscating records, and even padlocking some doors. Criminal charges have already been made and more are expected.
  • Numerous South Florida cities and counties have amended local ordinances to help control pill mills. Examples include reducing allowable hours of operation, requiring more strict licensing, and disallowing licenses to clinic owners/operators with criminal records.
  • Just three weeks ago, the state introduced get-tough pain clinic legislation, which will give state health regulators more power to clamp down on rogue pill mills.
  • The state’s new prescription drug monitoring program is scheduled to launch late this year, which will help track prescription abuses by addicts and drug dealing criminals.
  • Among Florida’s 24 medical examiner districts, Pinellas and Pasco counties had the most deaths caused by oxycodone with 197. Pinellas and Pasco were also highest in the state for methadone deaths, at 117, and hydrocodone deaths with 45. Hydrocodone, oxycodone’s sister drug, is a major drug of abuse with its own substantial demand for Florida detox programs.
  • Eastern Florida’s Fort Lauderdale district had 161 oxycodone deaths, West Palm Beach district had 130 oxycodone deaths, and Hillsborough County was fourth with 128 oxycodone deaths.
  • Some other counties actually had higher oxycodone death rates, because of their smaller populations. And more people dying per capita actually has a greater impact on an area’s families, businesses and social services.
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Florida Oxycodone detox only one of a rainbow of detox needs

As oxycodone abuse, addiction and deaths soared across the state, prescription drug deaths, and demand for more Florida detox facilities to treat prescription drugs, also continued to rise.

  • The total of all prescription drug deaths rose to 2,488 in 2009, a stunning average of seven deaths per day. If seven people a day were dying of influenza or some other pathogen, it would be seen as a state-wide medical epidemic.
  • The report said that 5,275 people died with one or more prescription drugs in their systems, and were often mixed with illicit drugs and alcohol.
  • In autopsies in which multiple substances were detected, the drug most common among them, at 4,046 cases, was alcohol.
  • While oxycodone caused the most deaths in the state last year, benzodiazepines were responsible for 1,099 deaths, methadone for 720, and alcohol for 559 directly.
  • While state-wide prescription drug deaths climbed, deaths caused by some illegal drugs declined. Heroin deaths dropped by 20 percent to 111, and deaths from cocaine were reduced to 529, an 18.4 percent drop.

Law enforcement officials have attributed the opposing trends to the fact that prescription drugs are much easier and cheaper to obtain than illegal drugs.

Take Advantage Of A Florida Oxycodone detox at Novus

Many people, probably most of them, who are dependent on or addicted to oxycodone or OxyContin, face weeks of extremely uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms when they try to detox on their own. In fact, the majority cannot complete the detox, and revert back to the drugs.

On the other hand, patients at Novus Medical Detox Center in Florida’s Pasco County routinely complete their oxycodone detox in just a matter of days, and do so with a minimum of discomfort.

Novus has developed special medical detox protocols for oxycodone and the other drugs containing it—OxyContin, Roxicodone, Percocet, Endocet, Tylox, Roxicet, Percodan, Endodan, Roxiprin, Combunox and others.

At Novus Medical Detox, patients get through their Florida oxycodone detox and get their lives back.

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