Florida Pill Mills Contribute to Oxycodone Addiction

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Oxycodone Addiction – Florida

Florida “Pill Mills” Contribute to Oxycodone Addiction

Everyone in Florida knows about the state’s hundreds of pain clinics, mostly in South Florida, that dispense millions of oxycodone and other addictive narcotic prescriptions every year to anyone who walks in.

And walk in they do, by the thousands—not just from Florida, but from the Southeast, Northeast, and even the Midwest and beyond. People are flocking to South Florida’s “pill mills” because they’re the easiest places in the country to score narcotic painkillers.

Legitimate pain patients are served, say law enforcement officials, but thousands of addicts use pill mills to support their oxycodone addiction and aren’t being weeded out. It’s common, say the cops, to see drug-seekers driving from clinic to clinic getting multiple prescriptions for hundreds of narcotic painkillers in a single day.

The cops also say that drug traffickers from out of state take advantage of pill mill permissiveness to supplement their supplies. They resell the drugs to customers back home who, most typically, suffer from oxycodone addiction or abuse of numerous other prescription painkillers.

Inadequate Regulations Contribute to Oxycodone Addiction

Many Floridians are calling for changes to state regulations that have allowed Florida to become America’s primary trafficker in oxycodone addiction, abuse and death via permissive pain clinic regulations.

The most popular painkillers are oxycodone and its time-release version, OxyContin. Oxycodone addiction (including OxyContin abuse) is one of the leading causes of prescription drug deaths in the entire country.

According to state records, nearly 4,000 people died last year in Florida from prescription drugs, with more than 2,000 of them from overdoses. And the majority of all prescription drug deaths involved oxycodone addiction or abuse.

Pain clinic doctors are required to prescribe narcotics. But too often, say law enforcement and public health officials, the doctors show little regard for the legitimacy of the prescriptions.

Another factor may be that anyone, not just doctors, can run a Florida pill mill. Even convicted felons can get a license. How ironic, if that includes a prior conviction for drug trafficking.

Finally, some clinics dispense narcotics directly to the public—there’s no need to take a prescription to a drugstore. This bypasses Florida’s new computerized Prescription Drug Monitoring Program that will soon be tracking all prescriptions at drug stores.

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Will the Time Magazine Story Help, or Worsen, Oxycodone Addiction?

A recent feature article in Time magazine has brought the state’s infamous pill mills to national attention. It describes how easy it is for out-of-state strangers to walk out of a Florida pill mill with dozens of narcotic pain pills.

The article says the top 25 oxycodone-dispensing doctors in the nation are all in Florida, and 18 of them are in Broward County. At least 70 new pill mills have opened in Broward and neighboring Palm Beach County since 2008, bringing the total to close to 200, and there are nearly twice as many pill mills in Broward County as there are McDonald’s restaurants.

The word about Florida’s pill mills has been spreading in the last few years, because they are a growing, booming business. One clinic pays a $25 commission for bringing in a new customer. Some advertise two-for-one pill sales, others have half-price days, and some build business by offering $25 discount gasoline cards.

Every year, Broward County’s friendly Fort Lauderdale plays host to tens of thousands of college kids during the infamous spring break. Oxycodone addiction and prescription drug abuse in general is a growing problem on campuses. Surely these alcohol- and drug-fueled kids know about the permissive pain clinics beckoning on almost every corner.

But beneath the Sunshine State’s touristy gloss, oxycodone addiction is a gritty problem on both coasts. One has to wonder whether the Time magazine publicity will help—or worsen—the oxycodone addiction plague.

Oxycodone detox opens the door to personal recovery

It will definitely take time for the state’s regulatory troubles to be solved—if they ever are—and solving them won’t resolve anyone’s oxycodone addiction problem.

The first step in every personal recovery from oxycodone addiction is oxycodone detox.

Novus Medical Detox Center delivers the most effective oxycodone detox programs available in Florida or anywhere else. Oxycodone detox at Novus is medically structured to meet the unique health needs of every patient—no two are ever the same.

Oxycodone detox at Novus is not only safe and effective—our patients are always surprised at how much faster and more comfortable their detox was than they ever imagined.

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