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Oxycodone Detox Success

I have nothing negative to say. Everything was nice.

I want to acknowledge Hayden and JJ (Counselors) and Patty and Frances (Nurses).

Coming to Novus helped me realize there is no shame in getting some help. I reached bottom and with a new addition to the family I knew my addiction had to stop. I, like every one else, tried doing it on my own only to feel miserable and just make my addiction worse.

The extremely knowledgeable staff answer any questions you may have. There is truly no feeling of judgment, everyone is treated equally and the nurses help you through this difficult time with minimal discomfort.

I would like to acknowledge some staff. In counseling, Hayden and JJ were great. It felt like hanging out with the boys on a weekend in high school. And the nurses, Patty and Frances, were like mothers always checking on you and your condition, doing everything possible to make you comfortable 24/7.   This is truly a warm and comfortable place, perfect in helping you start this positive transition in your life.

For me it was Oxycodone.   But opiates, benzos, alcohol or street drugs, the experienced and knowledgeable staff will get you through it. Just remember there is no shame in needing help. And when you realize you do, come down to beautiful Pasco County Florida and get clean under the sun. Thank you guys. You saved my family and for that I am forever in your debt. Love Always.

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