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Number Of Newborns Addicted To Narcotics Has Tripled, Says Study

detox.jpgThe number of newborns addicted to narcotic drugs at birth, including prescription painkillers like OxyContin and street-level opiates like heroin, has tripled since 2001, says a new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Addicted babies have to spend agonizing weeks in neonatal care, while specialized doctors and nurses try to ease their pain and misery of narcotic withdrawal. Health care workers say that watching these addicted newborns go through withdrawal is absolutely heartbreaking.

Also, the effects of prenatal and postnatal opiate addictions over the long term are not fully understood, and could be leading to future health problems.

The blame for this horrifying state of affairs is aimed squarely at soaring prescription painkiller abuse across the country and its impact on pregnant women. Many of them don’t know they are pregnant while abusing narcotics, or they become pregnant accidentally. Some are even taking their prescription as ordered by the doctor.

Narcotic prescription painkillers are now ahead of street drugs in addictions and deaths from overdose. In some parts of America, prescription drug addiction is officially being called an epidemic, because it’s just as deadly as an out-of-control infectious disease.

Meanwhile, we’re all involved in the newborn addiction disaster, no matter how dismayed or even revolted we may be. That’s because we’re all paying for it out of our own pockets. Lengthy medical drug detox for newborns adds an estimated $750 million annually to tax-funded Medicaid costs, the study said.

Not enough is being done to put the brakes on it, and it’s sure not going to stop anytime soon. We don’t want to sound too preachy here, but it seems that the only workable solution right now is for all of us to take a hand in it, and get our loved ones – or ourselves, if that’s what’s needed – into and through a medical drug detox.

And if we know someone who’s planning a family, or who could become pregnant, we need to tell them to stay clear of street drugs and prescription painkillers. Make sure they know about this horrific situation, and understand how easily they could create a living hell for their baby.



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