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Novus treats even the highest-dose methadone detox cases

Here’s some very good news for people dependent on methadone – especially long-term pain management or methadone replacement patients on higher daily dosages searching for a detox clinic that will accept them.

Novus Medical Detox Center now accepts all patients, regardless of their daily methadone dosages. The results are uniformly positive, even for those trapped by those on higher dosages.

The best news of all – not only will we accept them, but methadone detox at Novus is also faster, and far more comfortable, than patients dreamed possible.

A huge problem faced by many methadone users is trying to find a detox clinic that can handle their higher daily dosages. Many have tried to “wean” or step down their dosages to get off the drug and either failed to make it all the way, or if they did, soon reverted to using again.

As any methadone dependent person who’s tried to detox will attest, methadone withdrawal is usually even more difficult than withdrawing from heroin or other opiates and opioids. This is especially true for those whose daily doses have crept above 100mg, 200mg or even 300mg and higher. And over the years, the run-of-the-mill detox clinics across the country have given up trying to help such people because of the medical complications associated with higher dosage methadone withdrawal.

On the other hand, Novus Medical Detox Center has developed fast and effective medical protocols for treating methadone dependence, even at daily dosages of 150mg to 300mg or more. Not only is detox accomplished in only 7 to 14 days, patients go home off all drugs and fully prepared to take their next step towards a drug-free life. And they can accomplish all this in only one to two weeks at Novus.

Here’s a quick picture of the Novus safer, more comfortable higher dosage methadone detox program:

  • After you arrive, your full situation – personal needs, medical, drug history etc. – is fully assessed
  • A unique taper program is designed for you by the medical staff
  • Medications help control the pain of withdrawal
  • Daily IVs of vitamins, special nutrients and amino acids build your strength and also help ease withdrawal
  • Natural supplements every day also help you feel much better
  • Choose a private or a shared room, both come with flat screen TV and WiFi
  • Patients rave about our delicious and nutritional food
  • You’re not locked into any schedules, groups sessions are entirely optional, and one-on-ones with staff experts are always available
  • Your taper is adjusted to ensure the most comfortable withdraw based on your individual metabolism
  • Within 10 to 14 days you’re off all drugs
  • We help you choose an after-care program that really works for you
  • We provide complete directions on how to stay healthy using the special nutritional supplements we supply for you after you get home.

There is hope for a new life. Call to speak to one of our experienced & caring detox advisors today!

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