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Novus Detox Provides Detox Solution for Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse AwarenessAccording to Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN) reports, In 2009 alone, from within emergency departments in the US that:

  • 4.6 million visits were made due to drug related incidents
  • 27.1 percent involved non-medical use of pharmaceuticals (i.e., prescription or over the counter medications, dietary supplements)
  • 21.2 percent involved illicit drugs
  • 14.3 percent involved alcohol, in combination with other drugs.

Drug use continues to escalate. With the continual peer pressure and stress due to various problems we encounter in life, those without immediate solutions to deal with the stress and peer pressure can become overwhelmed and find it easy to escape with the use of drugs or alcohol.

The unfortunate part of this “drug-fueled escape” is that one can find themselves engulfed with a problem now even larger and more insurmountable than before, as one is now trapped by an addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Drug addiction and alcoholism is a problem many people face. Addiction often destroys dreams, ambitions and the relationships with the people around them.

While some find a way off these drugs, the majority are trapped without any escape or hope of living a normal life again.

Novus Detox helps people who are dealing with all kinds of substance abuse. Our program is unique and highly successful. To get more information about how we can help, call us today.

There is hope for a new life. Call to speak to one of our experienced & caring detox advisors today!

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