• On such a high dose of methadone that the average medical detox won’t take you on?
  • Stuck in the trap of being dependent on methadone for 10, 20, 30 years?
  • Want to get off but don’t think you can face the pain of withdrawal?

We see this all the time and we can help.

Most Detox Centers will not accept patients on anything over 80 mg of methadone.

Most people on Methadone for years have lost hope of ever getting off this drug in their lifetime.

But, at Novus, we have become the National Experts at detoxing people on high doses of methadone in the safest, most comfortable detox available. In fact, many detox facilities around the country refer their high dose cases to us.

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The Methadone Treatment Trap

  • More and more people who have gone to methadone clinics as a “treatment” for heroin addiction are taking doses of from 150 milligrams to 300 milligrams a day of methadone.
  • After a time they decide that they are not able to safely function in their jobs and want to stop taking methadone.
  • However, they find that when they try to taper down or stop altogether, that the pain of the withdrawal is too great and they return to the high dose they were taking.

Find out how Novus breakthroughs in methadone medical detox are saving people’s lives every day.

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Here is what will happen when you come to Novus:

  • Usual Detox time is 7 to 14 days;
  • You will check into Novus Medical Detox Center and the Novus medical staff will design an individual taper program just for you;
  • You will be given IV’s daily with vitamins, nutrients and amino acids like glutathione and GABA;
  • You will have a private or comfortable shared room equipped with a television and internet connection;
  • You will have delicious food;
  • You will not be on a set schedule;
  • You will not be required to go to group meetings but can have one-on-one interactions with our staff when you request them;
  • You will be given medications to control the withdrawal pain;
  • You will be given natural supplements to help you feel better;
  • You will have your taper adjusted to ensure that you are able to most comfortably withdraw;
  • You will leave Novus in 10 to 14 days off all drugs;
  • You will be given instructions on how to continue with vitamins and helped to select an after-care program that works for you.

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Methadone is promoted as the "solution" for someone who is addicted to heroin or even OxyContin—legal heroin. The concept is simple. Here are some of the "selling" points used to justify giving someone addicted to a terrible drug an even more addictive and dangerous drug—methadone:

  • It will prevent the painful drug withdrawal symptoms for up to 24 hours or sometimes longer;
  • It requires no needles;
  • It is legal;
  • It is inexpensive;
  • It will not require people to commit criminal acts to obtain it and to find the money to purchase it;
  • It is obtained at a commercial business location and not in a dark alley;
  • It is manufactured by a company and not mixed with other unknown additives like heroin is;
  • It will allow you to hold a job;
  • It is "socially" acceptable.

However, there is other information about methadone that is not promoted but is true:

  • Is more addictive than heroin or OxyContin;
  • Is more difficult to detox from than heroin or OxyContin;
  • Is rarely effective as a drug to help people get off drugs entirely because they just cannot endure the pain if they stop taking it;
  • Is most often taken only to prevent withdrawal symptoms, and many methadone users will take other drugs like Xanax or drink alcohol to get their "high";
  • Is very dangerous when combined with alcohol or other drugs;
  • Is going to create some very unwanted side effects, many of which are set forth in The Methadone Prison;
  • Is often increased to levels as high as 200 milligrams a day, and dosage amounts in excess of 100 milligrams a day are becoming normal.

Methadone clinics have these drawbacks:

  • Often are located many miles away from the methadone user;
  • Often require the user to arrive early and wait in line to get their dose of methadone;
  • Often are in unpleasant areas of town;
  • Often are surrounded by people who are trying to sell other drugs to the people on methadone;
  • Often are more interested in increasing doses of methadone than helping someone deal with their problems;
  • Often are disdainful if a person on methadone says that they want to stop using methadone;
  • Often show the person that stopping methadone is a bad idea by not slowly the tapering the person wanting to stop but by slashing the dose, which they know will place the person into heavy withdrawal;
  • Often see a methadone user as a source of profit and not someone who needs help.


While methadone is very addictive, it is possible to withdraw from this drug on your own. It will not be easy. It will take time. It will not be without discomfort but it can be done. The following is a program that will work:

  • Make the decision that you are going to get off methadone even though it is not always going to be easy and is going to require at least a six to ten month commitment;
  • Educate yourself as to how methadone has been acting in your body by reading about endorphins;
  • Once you have made the decision, then recognize that this is going to be a strenuous effort and the better the body is functioning, the easier the withdrawal will be;
  • Find an alternative medicine medical doctor who will give you a thorough physical, and if there are physiological problems, will not just prescribe a drug but try to find an actual handling of the cause of the problem;
  • When you have found the doctor, tell them that you plan to withdraw from methadone and want to make sure that you are physically in good shape;
  • If the doctor finds physiological problems, then address them and don’t start your withdrawal until the doctor feels that you are ready;
  • Ask the doctor about getting IM (intra-muscular) injected vitamins;
  • Hydration is very important so you need to speak to the doctor about receiving IV’s for hydration and to start building the body up with vitamins and nutrients before and during your withdrawal;
  • Have the doctor advise you on:
    • The acceptable blood pressure, temperature range and pulse rate range for you;
    • How to monitor your own blood pressure, temperature and pulse;
    • What to do if your blood pressure, temperature or pulse rate is outside the range;
    • When to take any medications the doctor prescribes to control spikes in temperature, blood pressure and pulse rate as they occur during your withdrawal;
  • You should read about the importance of hydration;
  • Eliminate sodas, beer and liquor and reduce your intake of coffee and tea because these are diuretics and will reduce the amount of hydration;
  • Start doing some exercise—even if it is just walking around the block to help build up the health of the body and prepare it for the withdrawal;
  • Locate a doctor who is authorized to prescribe Suboxone and make an appointment;
  • Prior to the appointment read about Suboxone;
  • Tell the Suboxone doctor that you are going to withdraw from methadone and when you have reduced your dosage to between 50 and 60 milligrams of methadone, that you want to go on Suboxone and then not maintain but start tapering off Suboxone;
  • If the Suboxone doctor is not willing to help you taper off Suboxone( some just want to maintain you), then find another doctor who will help you taper;
  • You should not try to reduce your methadone dosage more than 2.5 milligrams every two weeks for the first two months and then, if it is going well, you can increase the reduction in dosage to 5 milligrams every two weeks;
  • If you are on 100 milligrams of methadone and want to reduce your dosage to 50 milligrams, then your withdrawal will take about six months once you begin;
  • Go to the methadone clinic and explain what you have done and ask them for help;
  • Some clinics will not want to help you because you are a money source for them and so you may have to find another methadone clinic that will assist you;
  • Since there will be many days where you will likely not feel good during this withdrawal, be sure to speak with your family and your employer and let them know what you are going to be doing so that they will understand;
  • Once you are down to 50 milligrams of methadone, go to the Suboxone doctor;
  • Once you are on Suboxone, continue at the same dose for at least 30 days before starting to reduce the daily dose;
  • Then start reducing the daily dose of Suboxone by one milligram per week until you are tapered off;
  • During this time, keep up your exercise and the IV’s;
  • You can succeed in less than ten months from 100 milligrams a day, but it can take 12 to 18 months if you are on a higher dose.
  • The Novus Medical Detox is safer and more comfortable and takes an average of 7 to 10 days.


President Dwight Eisenhower said, "The spirit of man is more important than mere physical strength, and the spiritual fiber of a nation more than its wealth." Anyone that wants to withdraw from a high dose of methadone will be able to accomplish it if they do the right things and are determined. However, the difference between trying to withdraw over the period of eight to 18 months on your own and being sick for many of those days, or coming to Novus and doing the entire withdrawal in 10 to 14 days with little discomfort is considerable.

At Novus Medical Detox Center, we specialize in helping people come off even the highest doses of Methadone. People also come to us for a safe and more comfortable:

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