The prescription narcotic painkiller methadone killed 720 people in Florida in 2009, the third highest number of deaths of all drugs tested for, says the 2009 Florida Medical Examiners Report.

The drugs that caused the most deaths in 2009, in descending order, were:

The detection of methadone after autopsy rose 5.2% in 2009 to 985 people, up from 936 in 2008. Deaths caused by methadone were also higher in 2009 than in 2008.

Obviously, completion of timely methadone detox programs could have saved hundreds of lives, as well as repaired broken families and salvaged shaky or lost careers.

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Methadone abuse was main cause in 73% of deaths in 2009

Last year in Florida, methadone addiction and abuse was the main cause of death in 73% of all those who tested positive for the presence of methadone—second only to the illicit street narcotic heroin.

Methadone was one of four drugs found in more than 50% of all drug-related deaths (five, if you count alcohol). Those drugs were heroin, methadone, oxycodone and fentanyl.

When medical examiners detected one of these four drugs, whether or not it was the only drug found it was determined whether it was the prime cause of death, or merely present in the dead person’s body.

The results of those tests were as follows:
















Unlike the illicit street drug heroin, the others are prescription drugs. Methadone, oxycodone and fentanyl are manufactured by pharmaceutical companies, prescribed by doctors (allegedly to relieve pain), and frequently found for sale from illicit drug dealers.

Who is responsible for all the death, the ruined lives, broken families, lost careers, billions of dollars in crime and legal system expenses? At this point, there are many opinions, but no definitive answer has been agreed on.

Meanwhile, the only real answer to the mayhem is to get those suffering from drug problems into effective treatment programs. In Florida, methadone detox is available, and unquestionably saves the lives of those who complete the programs.

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In Florida, methadone addiction and abuse is a serious problem

Methadone dependence and abuse is a problem all across the country. According to the Florida Medical Examiners Report, the drug was detected in the bodies of nearly 1,000 people who died in Florida last year, and similar statistics are surfacing in a number of other states.

In Florida, methadone addiction and abuse is a major problem, and the need for methadone detox has never been higher. Getting off methadone, before it’s too late, has never been more important.

  • The longer one takes methadone, even a legitimate prescription for pain, the more likely the drug will lead to death.
  • Thousands of opiate addicts in Florida, usually involving heroin, have been placed on methadone as “treatment” for their addictions. These people should be receiving actual treatment—methadone detox and long-term rehab—to become drug free.
  • Addicts on methadone programs are still trapped by addiction, now to methadone. Their lives ar still enslave by drugs, but the profits are now going to methadone clinics and pharmaceutical companies instead of street pushers.
  • Methadone is so much cheaper than most other narcotic painkillers, doctors prescribe it for patients without insurance or simply to save money. Many of these doctors are ignoring the dangers presented by methadone of dependence, addiction and accidental overdose and death.
  • Far too many physicians are prescribing methadone for minor pain which could be treated with less dangerous drugs, or even no drugs at all. This practice is causing thousands of avoidable methadone addictions every year.
  • As the Florida Medical Examiners reported, methadone causes hundreds of overdose deaths in the state, and is one of the top four killer drugs.

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