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Methadone Detox Successes – Student (Methadone)

Novus has helped me in a way that I thought was impossible. My stay was very comfortable and time flew. The food was top notch and the company and counselors around me even better. The nurses were very caring and supportive.

Awesome, simply awesome.

Everything was top notch, saving your life is worth the money.

I realized before I came to Novus that I was in need of a change. Being in my early twenties I needed to get this right the first time. There’s too much at stake for everyone. The medical weaning off the opiate Oxycodone was enough for me with a little fight. If I would’ve needed more care they would’ve helped with open arms. Remember everything in this life that is worth fighting for isn’t easy. Even the days after detox it’s a life long fight to remember why you came to Novus. I came here a young man wanting change, and I left a man that knew his way. Life isn’t easy, nothing is, but sobriety only makes things better. My only recommendation is to come with the will to want to change and to say no matter what happens you’ll leave here a better and changed person. Thank you for reading my story. Best of luck to all of you and me.

Student (Methadone)

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