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Methadone Detox Successes – Self-Employed (Methadone, Cocaine)

Excellent. Zero complaints.

Successes — I am fat now and getting to eat and sleep. I am glad I will not be on narcotics to get through the day. I am glad I can use natural herbs to calm down. It will be nice to not have to wake up and take drugs.

Realizations — I found out while I was there that the pain I was having was not from the surgeries I have had but from the narcotics I was taking. I can also concentrate better. I can sit still as best as I can sit still or let me put it like this, the best a caged lion can sit still. I will be able to handle daily business with a clear mind.

Decisions — 1) I want to teach my brother to get off methadone. 2) I am going to a sauna detox to get the remainder of the drugs out of my system and also create a support team through family and friends.

Self-Employed (Methadone, Cocaine)

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