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Methadone Detox Successes – Graphic Artist (Methadone)

Mostly every person was very supportive and more than willing to help me with anything. I detoxed from 65 mg of methadone and I ate everyday. That is a miracle.

One thing I realized is that I never was really stuck, I only thought I was. My past experience in overcoming drug dependence has been horrid bordering on torture. Everyone at Novus convinced me that this time would be different than the past. And it was different. I came down from 65mg of methadone in 10 days and ate everyday. I have a sister, I lost her in 2008. She OD’d on heroin. I wish I could tell her about this place and that it is possible to come off drugs in a sane manner. Most drug users in the past were told to come off drugs cold turkey, which left most of us in shock, and scoring (drugs) on the release day.

I feel that I have been able to maintain my strength and sanity with the help of everyone here. I am leaving here strong, opposed to weak and withdrawn. I may attend a long term rehab when I leave, however I am looking into it.

If I’d known this could be done, I would have come here sooner in my addiction. I will let you know how I do. I know I’m going home with my mom this summer and we will both be clean and sober.

Thank you to all.

Graphic Artist (Methadone)

(emphasis added in bold)

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