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Methadone Detox Successes – Administrative Assistant (Methadone)

I loved all of the staff at this facility, they are very understanding and make your stay as comfortable as possible. At first you might think you are in hell, but just remember everyday gets better and you get your old self back, which to me is awesome.

Novus is the best detox center ever. I was coming completely off methadone at 150 mg a day for six years and this medical facility saved my life. I finally feel like a normal functioning human being. They are very understanding of you as an individual and take the time out just for you. They do not judge you in any way and treat you with the utmost respect. All of the patients were very understanding and helped me through this drug I call the “DEVIL”. Please do not let any Dr. put you on this, it is way more addicting and the withdrawals alone are HELL.

Administrative Assistant (Methadone)

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