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Methadone Detox is Only Solution to So-called Methadone “Treatment”

In almost every country of the world where methadone is used as a substitute drug to “treat” heroin addiction, public opinion of the practice has been turning negative for years.

In newspapers and magazines, and on television and the Internet, the public has been calling for methadone detox followed by full recovery to a drug-free life through drug rehab. Sentencing heroin addicts to years, or even a lifetime, of drug addiction through methadone “treatment” is seen as cruel. Its proponents are seen as everything from short-sighted to purely motivated by money.

In Florida, methadone detox is available at numerous drug detox centers. But many of those who are being supplied with the drug at methadone clinics have acquired high-dose habits, and few methadone detox centers offer high-dose methadone detox programs.

However, Novus Medical Detox Center, in Pasco Country, FL, does provide safe and effective methadone detox for high-dose methadone dependencies. High-dose methadone detox is a rarity today, a surprising fact considering that methadone distribution statistics for methadone “treatment” programs in this country have more than doubled in the past decade.

Endless, high-dose addictions are more common than ever because of proliferating, and profitable, methadone “treatment” programs for heroin addictions. The practice has created millions of permanent methadone addicts, who now are enslaved by methadone and cannot find adequate or effective treatment. And the methadone clinics and methadone manufacturers continue to rake in their millions of dollars.

Methadone detox, rehab and recovery called “revolutionary”

In the United Kingdom, the government has announced a new drug strategy — an “uncompromising drive to crack down on those involved in the drug trade combined with revolutionizing treatment services to offer recovery as a route out of dependency.”

Take note of the word “revolutionizing” in the government’s statement. The idea of offering heroin, alcohol and methadone detox and rehab programs instead of a life of enslavement to substance abuse is seen as “revolutionary”. Such is the state of thinking in most governments of the free world, which offer methadone as a replacement for heroin addiction.

But the current UK government is taking steps to remake their drug addiction handling policies, and get their hundreds of thousands of addicts off state-supported methadone and into recovery programs. This new paradigm seeks to replace drug and alcohol dependence and addiction with real treatment, not drugs masquerading as “treatment” as exemplified by so-called methadone “treatment”.

Recovery and a life free from drugs is not a revolutionary idea among the public. Every day of the week, people with a methadone dependence arrive for methadone detox at a methadone detox center somewhere, seeking the very real goal of freedom from addiction forever.

These disparate facts clearly illustrate how decades of government-sponsored methadone “treatment”, pushed by vested interests with billions of dollars at stake, has corrupted the ability to perceive simple reality: People can, and do, become free from drugs and alcohol. Perceiving this possibility, and creating new policy to achieve it, is a credit to the current UK government.

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In the US, methadone addiction still enslaves millions

Here in the USA, the government’s cruel methadone “treatment” programs, which sanction tax-payer-supported methadone distribution to “treat” heroin addiction, create tens of thousands of methadone addicts every year. And each year, thousands are trapped by ever-increasing dosages and the lack of methadone detox facilities for high-dose methadone detox.

Methadone is a synthetic, long-acting opioid that has been used for more than 40 years in the “treatment” of opioid addiction. During the past 10 years, its use for treating chronic pain has increased dramatically, causing countless unintentional dependencies and addictions, and thousands of deaths. The amount of methadone distributed by drug manufacturers has also risen dramatically. In the past decade, with increases ranging from 9 to 22 percent annually, the amount of methadone slated for “treatment” has almost tripled.

At the same time, the kind of advanced medical methadone detox protocols provided by Novus Medical Detox Center in Florida have not been adopted by the vast majority of detox centers anywhere in the country.

The tragic results are tens of thousands of Americans trapped in the methadone addiction prison. Methadone is considered to be far more difficult to get off of than the original heroin — some in the detox industry citing it to be two or three times as difficult.

Novus methadone detox program is uniquely effective

The severity of the problem faced by anyone searching for methadone detox is tied directly to the severity (daily dosage) and duration of their methadone habit. These factors are proportional to the severity and duration of methadone withdrawal they will need to get through.

Methadone detox for even moderate dose levels can take several weeks to several months of stepping down of doses, compared to only days with morphine, heroin and most other opioids. The methadone withdrawal symptoms are so severe — much worse than heroin — that many who have tried to get off have failed to get through methadone detox. The situation has created a kind of hopelessness that pervades the entire field.

Novus Medical Detox Center has developed medical methadone detox protocols that allow even high-dosage methadone dependencies to be stepped down to zero — off all opioids — in as little as one to two weeks. Novus has even helped methadone detox patients taking in excess of many hundreds of mgs of methadone a day to achieve full detoxification, experiencing an absolute minimum of discomfort.

Methadone dependent patients attending Novus Medical Detox Center express tremendous gratitude and relief. After all, the Novus methadone detox program means a reprieve from what they fully expected was a life sentence of methadone addiction.

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