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Coming Off Methadone 10 Day Detox Report

Novus Medical Detox Case Study

Subject Name: P. L. (26-year-old Male)
Location: St. Louis, Missouri
Profession: Bounty Hunter


Subject began taking methadone to cope with his withdrawal from opiates.

Drug: Methadone—60mg daily.

P. L.’s Life Story (in his own words):

I became addicted to methadone after taking it a last year to help myself withdraw from opiates. My job as a bounty hunter can be very physical at times and I have suffered from chronic knee pain for years.

The pain was debilitating and began to affect my job. I turned to opiates to help me cope. I was in a lot of pain at that time, and the opiates helped to ease that pain, temporarily.

I realized that I had become addicted to the opiates and wanted to make a change after my friends had told me how different I was acting. I heard methadone was helpful in withdrawing from opiates, so I decided to give it a try.

Slowly, the methadone took over and I couldn’t go a day without it. I tried weaning myself very slowly, but I felt so terrible that I just resorted back to using more of it.

I knew that I needed help fast. An old friend came to visit and realized how deep my newfound addiction was, so she told me about Novus. The rest is “history”—in a good way.

Medical Dossier:

  • Day 1: Patient arrived at 2215 (10:15 PM). He was oriented into the facility and is settling in.

    Medication and Supplements given PRN (as needed).
  • Day 2: Patient having a rough night. He is unable to sleep and is pacing in his room. Medication and Supplements given PRN (as needed).
  • Day 3: Patient has complained of nausea. Medication given PRN (as needed).
  • Day 4: Patient had rough start to the day. Many one-on-ones with the patient. Medication and Supplements given PRN (as needed).
  • Day 5: Patient doing well today. Some anxiety. Medication given PRN and Subutex protocol started. He took several walks and this seemed to help.
  • Day 6: Patient is in good spirits. Had some sleep issues. Medication and Supplements given PRN for sleep.
  • Day 7: Patient is doing well, with few withdrawal symptoms. Scheduled Subutex given. He is eating well and staying hydrated.
  • Day 8: Patient got some bad news from home and wanted to leave. After a long one-on-one, patient decided to stay and finish the program. Scheduled Subutex continued.
  • Day 9: Patient is staying positive and social. Excited to discharge tomorrow and head home. Subutex continued.
  • Day 10: Patient discharged.

Results Summary:

P. L. was successfully detoxed from methadone in 10 days.

The Novus Medical Detox Difference

P. L. had no self-esteem. He was down on himself, and he was an addict. A friend of his, knowing his situation, told him about Novus Medical Detox and their high record of success.

P. L. was hesitant to try it, but the Novus staff explained the program and told him they would make it as comfortable as possible for him. They explained the 24/7 personal care and monitoring so he would never be alone in his withdrawal program, and that there would always be a trained professional there for him.

The Novus protocol delivers a much more comfortable withdrawal than most other methods. P. L.’s program was tailor-made to his needs, his drug history and his physical condition, unlike other “one-protocol-fits-all” programs.

He emerged from detox a stronger and more confident person.

P. L’s Success Can be Yours:

“This has been the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. I kick doors in and hunt people for a living, but I have never been terrified like I was about detox. Yet I made it! And only because of the constant reinforcement I received from both the nurses and counseling staff.

“I could not have done this without Novus and the fact that they all genuinely care and wanted me to succeed. Anyone I crossed paths with at one time or another brought me from the darkest corner of my own mind.

“I can’t thank you all enough. You are the reason I have been able to complete this program and make biggest and best changes of my life. I finally have a renewed hope for myself and my future.

“I couldn’t even remember what hope felt like until I came here. Thank you all!”

Read what other patients have to say:

“Everything here was better than I ever imagined. If you want your life back, this staff will help you in any and every way possible.

“The people here showed me that there is light at the end of a dark, dark tunnel that I thought I would never make it out of. All the people—the whole staff, every single person who works here saved my life. Some people think about money and the cost to come here and decide not to. I would have paid $5000 a day to be here with people who helped get my life back. That’s how good this staff is. They really care and understand what you are going through. Thank you with all my heart.”

“I was taking 300 — 600mg of methadone daily. Up to 1200 at times along with 10 — 20 mg of Xanax when I entered Novus. All hope was gone, no detox would take me. 14 days after, I leave here drug free and miraculously, my detox was 99% pain free. I leave with hope and full support of my family. Words cannot describe the miracles that I have gone through and witnessed during my stay.”

There is hope for a new life. Call to speak to one of our experienced & caring detox advisors today!

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