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If you’ve gotten hooked on methadone while trying to get off heroin, or if you’re on methadone and don’t want to be on it or don’t feel you need it any longer…

Watch these videos of Case Studies, Day by Day (10 to 13), to DRUG FREE Medical Detox:

Novus can safely and more comfortably

get you through methadone detox with little pain or sickness

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A tailored detox program for each patient’s body, metabolism and circumstance. Excellent medical supervision, with 24-hour access to a withdraw specialist.
Our safe and effective detox method cleanses the body in a comfortable manner that significantly diminishes withdrawal discomforts.
Privacy and Confidentiality,
with an Individual Private Room
or Comfortable Shared Room.

“Everything here was better than I ever imagined. If you want your life back, this staff will help you in any and every way possible.

“The people here showed me that there is light at the end of a dark, dark tunnel that I thought I would never make it out of. All the people—the whole staff, every single person who works here saved my life. Some people think about money and the cost to come here and decide not to. I would have paid $5000 a day to be here with people who helped get my life back. That’s how good this staff is. They really care and understand what you are going through. Thank you with all my heart.”

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10 Day Medical Detox—View the Video and Read the Transcript—Case Study

13 Day Medical Detox—View the Video and Read the Transcript—Case Study

10 Day Medical Detox—View the Video and Read the Transcript—Case Study


The Novus Methadone Detox Solution:

  • Uses medicines as needed to make the methadone withdrawal more comfortable.
  • Understands that most people on methadone have serious physical problems that will make methadone withdrawal even more difficult and maybe impossible.
  • Uses IV’s to ensure hydration and that the body gets the vitamins, amino acids and other nutrients needed to strengthen the body to make the withdrawal process more easily done.
  • Provides food that gets rave reviews from our patients.
  • Provides 24-hour medical supervision, continual monitoring of the patient’s progress and frequent adjustments to the rate of the patient’s taper in accordance with the comfort and safety of the patient.
  • Uses a methadone withdrawal protocol that allows a more comfortable withdrawal from even the highest doses of methadone.
  • Has a more than 90% completion rate of people who start their medical detox at Novus Medical Detox Center.
  • Provides for the completion of a lower dose methadone detox in from six to eight days and even people on high doses of methadone can generally be detoxed in less than fourteen days.
  • People leave on no additional drugs.
  • Provides a peaceful, home-like facility located on 3.25 treed acres where patients regularly take walks or sit outside.
  • Provides several designated smoking areas.
  • Provides private or comfortable shared rooms with telephone, television and internet access.
  • Click here for a comparison of Novus vs other methadone detox centers.

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The Novus Difference . . . Our Program . . . Our Facility . . .

Ideal Methadone Detox Solution

  • The ideal solution is for the heroin user or methadone user to be free of their addiction.
  • The user will accomplish their heroin withdrawal or methadone withdrawal, comfortably and safely, at a medical detox center that uses natural supplements and medications as needed until they are drug free.
  • The formerly addicted person, a person who has possibly suffered from methadone abuse, will go through a drug rehab program to handle any emotional or other reasons why they became addicted and develop other ways of dealing with problems in life.
  • Go home drug free and with the best chance of staying that way.

The Methadone Withdrawal Problem

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About Methadone Addiction and Methadone Treatment

Methadone Clinics are not Methadone Detox Centers

  • They are normally located in a less desirable part of town—often an hour’s drive away.
  • Most have to come every morning for their dose.
  • People worry about car problems or being in an accident or anything that will make them miss their dose because they will then go into painful methadone withdrawals.
  • Because methadone addicts cannot get high on methadone, many people frequent the areas around the methadone clinics seeking to sell other drugs like Xanax or to try to get people to go back on heroin or other narcotics like OxyContin.
  • The clinics only make money by keeping you on methadone.
  • Few clinics encourage methadone addicts to reduce their dosage; in fact, most encourage higher doses.
  • More information and facts about Methadone Clinics

Novus can safely and more comfortably help you through methadone detox.

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