In the Media: Use of prescription painkillers surpasses tobacco

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In the Media: Use of prescription painkillers surpasses tobacco

A new trend exposes the use of prescription painkillers in the U.S.; the use of opioid-based medication now exceeds that of tobacco. This is based on a U.S. government backed survey.

The survey has been comprehensively analysed by the Novus Medical Detox Center, which is based in Florida. The Center has issued a statement expressing concern with the extent of prescription drug use and is calling on health agencies to coordinate a campaign aimed at educating the public about the dangers of prescription-only painkillers. The Novus Center is also requesting for a renewed focus on treating addicts.
According to Novus, the number of users of prescription-only painkillers stands at just under 92 million adults in the U.S. This number now exceeds the users of tobacco products (at 75 million). The prescription painkiller market in the U.S. is worth $9.6 billion.

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