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In the Media: Tracking Opioid Article on

Article: Tracking opioid supply chain “not enough” to fight illicit trade by

Diversion of opioid analgesics into the black market is fuelling an addiction epidemic that cannot be solved by the traceability system being developed for the US, says an addiction specialist.

A far bigger problem – according to Bryn Wesch of Novus Medical Detox Center – is that companies are knowingly oversupplying the market and not being held to account for their actions, claiming the supply chain is too fragmented and complex to be monitored effectively.

Some manufacturers are citing the upcoming serialization and tamper-evidence provisions of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) as evidence they are meeting their ethical requirements to make sure the products are used responsibly, but Wesch is unimpressed.

“Tracking [opioids] will only help if we require the manufacturers and wholesalers to be held liable for over supplying and not knowing the customers sufficiently enough to prevent the medication from getting into the hands of doctors and pharmacies that are not responsibly prescribing,” she tells

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