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In the Media: Cannabinoid-based drug pipeline grows: 4 ways to prepare


“4. Be cautious

“There should be significant attention and concern regarding the long-term impact of regular use of any cannabinoid-based drug. Kent Runyon, compliance officer and vice president of community relations for Novus Medical Detox Center in New Port Richey, Florida, says that the goal of drug companies will clearly be to expand use and application of these products to a broader audience and to increase use on a regular basis. ‘However, there are concerns within the mental health profession that these drugs may increase the risk of mental health problems and possibly even addiction to other substances,’ Runyon says. ‘We are still struggling with a major opioid epidemic, which is a direct result of drug companies bringing to market medications promising to reduce discomfort. However, it clearly got prescribed far too broadly and without sufficient patient education.'”

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