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Prescription Drug Addiction Recovery Often Takes an Intervention

Prescription drug addiction can be just as devastating as alcohol dependency, or any other substance abuse. We think we’re safe because the pills were prescribed by a doctor. But prescription drug use can easily get out of control.

Prescription drug addiction is on the rise —

  • Anti-anxiety drugs (benzodiazepines) up 19 percent
  • Prescription pain relievers – up 24 percent
  • Methadone – up 29 percent

Emergency room visits related to the non-medical use of pharmaceuticals, including prescription and over-the-counter drugs, increased 21 percent from 2004 to 2005, according to the latest estimates from the Drug Abuse Warning Network.(DAWN)

Intervention Can Help a Person Into a Detox Program and Recovery

You can find hundreds of stories online about how addictive these prescription drugs can be. Almost one-for-one these recovery stories highlight the fact that the addict was not about to enter detox or go to a drug rehab center. It most often takes an intervention of some sort.

This quote refers to alcoholics, but it is just as applicable to people addicted to prescription drugs.

“It is a myth that alcoholics have some spontaneous insight and then seek treatment. Victims of this disease do not submit to treatment out of spontaneous insight – typically, in our experience they come to their recognition scenes through a buildup of crises that crash through their almost impenetrable defense systems. They are forced to seek help; and when they don’t, they perish miserably.”
– Vernon Johnson. I’ll Quit Tomorrow, 1973

Before someone in your family lands up in the emergency room, get an intervention specialist to help you get them to a safe and effective medical detox center.

Several members of the Johnson family* have struggled with alcohol and prescription drug abuse for years.

“This intervention has been a God-send. We’d been doing and saying all the wrong things. It was such a relief to let the intervention counselor take over and within hours my son was packed and on his way to detox.”

Once they have done the medical detox they’ll be ready to go into a rehab and prescription drug addiction treatment program. Here’s what one young mother had to say after her medical detox at Novus.

“Novus was the best. Safe, warm, loving, full of care and all needs imaginable met with a smile. I came on seven meds from opiates to amphetamines, all doctor prescribed. I was existing, not living my life. Thanks to your support, love and security, I am now going home Drug Free. I now have so many options because my head is clear and I can think for myself and feel real feelings rather than walking around in a drug induced coma. I would like to thank each and everyone from beginning to end. Thanks from my heart and soul.”

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