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How Samuel L. Jackson Gave Up Addiction

Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson’s Career Turned Around When He Gave Up Drugs

Samuel L. Jackson’s success wasn’t always so straightforward, and he says it contributed to his battle with drugs, including marijuana and crack cocaine. In his early 40s, Jackson’s career had spanned two decades but still hadn’t produced a blockbuster. One of his painful addiction memories includes his wife and young daughter encountering him on the floor, having passed out from cocaine.

Following the incident, Samuel L. Jackson voluntarily entered rehab, not knowing at the time that his addiction to crack cocaine would be the real-life knowledge he poured into his famous role in Jungle Fever in 1991. Even though he had successfully completed a drug addiction recovery program, his knowledge and portrayal of a crack cocaine addict was so true-to-life that movie producers arranged a time to talk with him to be certain he wasn’t still abusing the drug.

Samuel L. Jackson has stated that he has been off drugs since two weeks before his start into movie showbiz. It just goes to show that being off drugs really does make a difference!

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