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Home Detox vs. Entering a Medical Facility. There really is no comparison!

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It’s a popular notion these days that when addicted, a person can try and detox at home on their own. One may think that it’s an easy and private solution to a very serious problem. You don’t have to face your friends and family, or admit publicly that you even have a problem. But self-detox is not an easy proposition, and going it alone can have tragic results. Getting clean and going through withdrawal symptoms without the aid of a trained medical staff can do more harm than good. And in the end, the likelihood of being successful is slim, many people who try this end up back on drugs or alcohol because they simply couldn’t stand the pain. Trying to kick an addiction in privacy leaves the door open to giving up without giving yourself a chance to get your life in order.

Another problem with home detox is that a person remains in their own environment. While this may seem like a good idea, it makes it too easy to fall back into the same patterns and impulses that created the addiction in the first place. Novus provides a controlled environment free from outside influences, drugs and alcohol. It functions as a safe haven from one’s old, addicted lifestyle. It’s important to realize just how important this is when getting sober. After a short time at Novus, a substance abuser will start to look at their situation clearly and objectively, and begin to find ways to remedy it. This is a valuable way to begin to pick up the pieces, and repair the emotional and physical damage that addiction causes.

At Novus Detox, we understand our patients desire for a more confidential, at home-like treatment program, so we’ve moved away from the cold and impersonal hospital setting as the way to beat addiction. While having a good medical staff  on hand in this situation is crucial, a sterile hospital environment can actually cause some in medical detox to take longer to begin the healing process.

By nature it’s neutral, generic feel leaves out an element that we at Novus feel is vital to one’s recovery…the feeling of being “safe” and “at home”, of being cared for as if you’re with your own family. We’ve made sure to take the importance of that feeling into account as an integral part of our inpatient medical detox program.

We also provide excellent medical supervision, 24-hour nursing care and 24-hour access to a withdraw specialist. Our safe and effective detox method cleanses the body in a comfortable manner that significantly diminishes most of the withdrawal discomforts that make so many other programs so painful. We use natural supplements whenever possible, because our goal is to send you home clean and drug free, not simply to replace one drug or alcohol dependency with another drug dependency. We also provide nutritional IVs, supplements and delicious food to speed your body’s healing process and keep you properly hydrated.

Simply put, Novus Detox will give you the feeling of being at home, with the finest medical care you can get. We will put you on the path to kick your addiction successfully. In private. And on your own terms.

There is hope for a new life. Call to speak to one of our experienced & caring detox advisors today!

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