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Heroin Detox Successes – Cocktail Waitress/Sales (OxyContin, Heroin)

For a first time addict the fear of the unknown surpassed my need to want to become clean and free of drugs. In my decision making Novus stood out above all the others in their compassion, holistic/natural approach to health/addiction and their desire to let you be free of burden, stress and/or typical clinic/hospital routines or setting and their approach to individuals in detox. Thanks again! I know I made the right decision.

The facility was very clean! My room was always kept in order and my needs were always met in regard to toiletries and housekeeping (ie: fans/heaters, extra pillows, etc.)

It’s amazing as a human being how we can become so paralyzed through fear…the negative thoughts and inhibitions we allow to swirl amidst us and create such obstacles that could cause us to continue down a black dark hole with no positive or beneficial outcomes. I’m so grateful that for even a moment I allowed my true human strength/love for myself and my daughter/family take prevalence with this shining moment that I found Novus through my internet search! I’ve always been one to go with my sixth sense or gut feeling and luckily it told me to choose Novus detox!! Upon my arrival I was placed in room 9 and as strange or as insignificant this meant, to me it was an added bonus or sign that I was in the right place doing the right thing…see 9 is and has been my lucky number since childhood. Within these 6 days, however, feeling like an eternity, I’ve found myself again. I missed myself…this woman though young had gone through so much turmoil and arose on top a strong independent single mother…and it was nice to feel her inside.

It will be a tough road ahead but not experiencing life on life’s terms wouldn’t be living and I so badly want to live again!! So I end with my motto I used to say to myself through tough times (before drugs). It is what it is (in regard to life or uncontrollable events which entails all but you!) and my favorite, Inhale…Exhale…Let Life Prevail!!

Thanks for the beginning to the rest of my life!

Cocktail Waitress/Sales (OxyContin, Heroin)

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