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From a Novus Patient

“It has been a class-A-operation, from the facilities to the skilled and very intuitive nursing staff, to the counselors who will do anything for you. I have never been involved in such a professional program that runs so smoothly as if they were family. I’m retired military and have been involved in quite a few programs so I’ve seen my share.

Everyone went out of their way to help me with whatever I needed even if it wasn’t related to my program. As to the food, don’t touch or change a thing. You are very blessed to have the cooking staff you have.

The program made me re-examine my whole way of life. From changing to holistic medicine to get off all the drugs I take on a daily basis, to how good it feels to have clearness of mind and control back in my life. It is the first day of the rest of my life.”


There is hope for a new life. Call to speak to one of our experienced & caring detox advisors today!

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