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Battling Depressing State Drug Statistics Florida Drug Detox Centers Save Countless Lives

“Succeeding in the face of adversity” seems to be the motto of many Florida Drug Detox centers these days, including Novus Detox, but they continue to save countless lives a year.

Prescription Drug Abuse in Florida

Prescription drug abuse in Florida kills more people than all illegal street drugs combined, and drug-related crime continues to escalate; but the message for victims of substance abuse remains positive: a Florida Drug Detox center can save your life, so don’t delay starting treatment!

Faced with a virtual tsunami of prescription drug addictions, injuries and deaths, and with Florida ranked 35th in the country for drug treatment funding, Florida Drug Detox centers are nevertheless saving countless lives every year.

For example, the Tampa Bay region’s death rate from prescription drugs is:

  • triple the death rate from street drugs like cocaine and heroin
  • more than 70 percent higher than other areas in the state
  • significantly higher than many other urban regions across the country.

The tidal wave of new prescription drug dependencies, addictions and crime includes soaring doctor shopping, prescription fraud and more pharmacy robberies than ever.

But in spite of these depressing statistics, detox in Florida’s Tampa Bay region remains alive and well—and successfully treating patients every day for a vast array of prescription and illicit street drug abuse problems.

Saving the lives of thousands of people who otherwise could become drug death statistics is the daily routine for Florida Drug Detox centers across the state.

The message is clear, and just two simple steps:

  • Don’t delay making the decision to get clean and sober
  • There’s a Florida Drug Detox center nearby committed to helping you save your own life.

Not All Drugs, and Not All Florida Drug Detox Centers, Are Equal

Some prescription drugs are very difficult for people to successfully withdraw from. And withdrawing from some drugs can seriously endanger one’s life. Many people experiencing extreme discomfort and danger give up detox in despair, and remain addicted.

There is hope for a new life.Call to speak to one of our experienced & caring detox advisors today!

High Dose Methadone Addiction

For example, people trying to get off high dose methadone addiction are in a particularly difficult situation. Few Florida Drug Detox centers even accept high-dose methadone cases. It’s considered too difficult and dangerous to deal with.

Unfortunately, people addicted to heroin and other opiates are routinely sent to methadone clinics for “methadone replacement therapy”—essentially trading a serious drug addiction for a second, much more serious and more dangerous drug addiction.

But new, specialized medical detox protocols now exist to:

  • help ease the side effects of withdrawal
  • shorten the time required for detox
  • and safely get someone through the detox process—including high-dose methadone.

Novus Detox in Pasco County, Florida, has become widely known for its unique ability to handle difficult detox situations, including high-dose methadone dependencies.

Today, people are getting off methadone more easily—and much faster—than they ever imagined possible.

A Florida Drug Detox “Secret” Isn’t Really A Secret

Advances in medical methadone detox protocols have made high-dose methadone withdrawal not only possible, but routine at Novus Detox—as routine as withdrawals from all addictive substances.

Even patients on high-dose methadone maintenance programs of 200 mg and more a day are successfully withdrawing from their methadone habits at Novus Detox.

Some observers wonder what the big secret is at Novus. There really isn’t any big secret—it’s simply the application of modern science, common sense and caring for every patient’s welfare and desire to succeed.

At Novus Detox, medical understanding of drug and alcohol addictions—including methadone addiction—has led to vastly improved medical detox protocols.

This is the good news that is no secret at all: faster, safer and easier withdrawal, from beginning to end, for everyone.

That’s why patients from across the United States, Canada and abroad are coming to Novus Detox and receiving the best detox in Florida, bar none.

There is hope for a new life. Call to speak to one of our experienced & caring detox advisors today!

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