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Re-imagining Sobriety™

Take the first step to a Sustainable Sobriety with a comfortable managed withdrawal.

Re-Imagine Your Life.

We know that you just want to get your life back.  At Novus, we want you to re-imagine your life addiction-free….looking forward…. to where your future awaits.

Novus has re-defined detox so that no matter how many times you may have attempted withdrawal in the past, we can assure you that your experience at Novus will be different….more comfortable, safer and more effective than anything you have experienced before.

Our personalized individual programs, continually monitored and adjusted, ensure you the most comfortable withdrawal 24/7.

Our proprietary compounded medications, natural supplements, bio-rebalancing of amino acids, minerals and hydration, and detox protocols will return you to a state of health you may not have experienced for a long time.

Our private, confidential, nurturing and supportive environment provides the amenities to make you feel safe and comfortable at all times. These include 3+ treed acres with walking paths, patios and gazebos, workout gym, game room, common room when you feel social, and private or shared rooms with individual cable TV and WiFi throughout.

There is hope for a new life. Call to speak to one of our experienced & caring detox advisors today!

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