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Drug Detox Q&A: Will Psych Drugs Replace Parental Guidance For Foster-Care Kids?

Instead of the love and parental guidance that children need to develop normal emotional lives, government-paid psychiatrists armed with nothing more than batteries of psychiatric drugs — most of them untested and unapproved for children — are creating drug dependencies among millions of American kids in foster care. Unless these kids get into drug detox to escape the nightmare psych-drug trap into which they’ve been forced, a hollow life of drug dependence may be their only future.

A hearing held by The House Ways and Means Committee in May focused on the widespread use of psychotropic drugs on children in foster care across the country.

The committee heard appalling testimony:

  • Two-thirds of foster care adolescents receive “treatment” for emotional and behavioral problems — far in excess of the proportion in the non-foster care population.
  • Kids are essentially being raised by the government, not by the foster parents, who are told to bring kids to the shrinks when they “act up” in any way.
  • Instead of simply communicating with kids and the parents, most psychs are just diagnosing the children with all sorts of bizarre “syndromes” and “disorders”.
  • The “solution” is always drugs, drugs and more drugs — and the kids forced to take dangerous, unproved psych meds can be as young as 3, 4 or 5 years old.
  • Psych drugs, mostly untested and unapproved for children, are being prescribed in combinations that are even more dangerous — no one has any idea what effects they will have.
  • Pediatric research shows that increasing the number of psych drugs taken together increases adverse drug reactions, and drug detox centers and emergency rooms across the country show similar data among adults.For example, in 2004, 38% of more than 32,000 foster care kids in Texas younger than 19 received psychotropic prescriptions. That’s way above the national average for kids not in foster care — kids whose parents talk to them and listen instead of drugging them. In 2005, psychotropic meds were prescribed for 12.4% of 0-5 year olds, 55% of 6-12 year olds, and 66.5% of 13-17 year olds.

    The system is breeding a drug-dependent population. All the drugs these kids receive can cause dependency, which can lead to the need for medical drug detox. And when untreated, often lead to dependencies and addictions to illegal drugs in adulthood for which a medical drug detox program is often the only safe answer.

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