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Detox from a cocktail of prescription drugs

Everyone provided a warm environment which made me feel like everyone here was honestly interested in helping me fully recover.

I want to acknowledge JJ, Hayden, Monty, Patty and Steve. Basically the whole staff was great. It’s hard to pinpoint one person.

I was very apprehensive about coming to a detox center. When I first arrived I basically just wanted to do my time here and get out. However after several days my head cleared as I started to sober up and realized I really did need this help. I won’t say it was easy but after a while I found that there are alternatives for pain and anxiety rather than all of the pharmaceuticals I was so addicted to.

My stay here also made me see how much I had hurt my family and friends as well as myself. For the first time in well over a decade I can think clearly and see a future of living a clean and healthy life. And I never would have seen this if I hadn’t come here. Thank you all.

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