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Novus Medical Detox, a Florida Drug Detox Center, provides a Florida Couple’s Drug Detox Program and Couple’s Alcohol Detox Program.

Drug abuse or alcohol abuse isn’t always the act of a single individual. In some instances we have requests from couples to enter the Novus Medical Detox program together. It’s uncommon in most programs for this request to be granted, but then few programs are set up to accept the scenario of a couple sharing a room and detoxing together. We understand the value of a couple’s natural support system, and how it can aid them in their recovery process.

There are couples that live a drug or alcohol influenced lifestyle together. They got into trouble that way, and want to get sober that way. We believe there’s a better chance for a successful outcome to drug or alcohol abuse when addicted couples recover together as a team. During the addicted portion of their relationship they were together and supportive of each other. And in most cases they will remain supportive of one another during the process of getting sober. It’s a natural support system. While the closeness of the relationship may have been stretched thin during the time they were addicted, the love that brought them together in the first place can help to guide and support each other to a full recovery as a couple.

At Novus we encourage both partners to get involved in post-detox rehabilitation support programs to help ensure their long-term recovery, as they get to know each other as a sober couple again. We can recommend programs to attend after the detox part of the treatment is successfully completed. There couples will learn about challenges that are commonly faced while getting sober together. And they’ll get the resources and support system they need to help them strengthen their relationship without the need for drugs and alcohol anymore. As in any relationship, positive reinforcement and behavior modification are essential tools a couple can use to ensure that they stay on the same page post detox, this will help them to make sure they don’t fall back into the trap of abusing drugs or alcohol anymore. While it’s a difficult process, entering detox as a couple indicates that there is a strong desire for rebuilding their lives and relationship together.

If you’d like to learn more about couples detox, give Novus Medical Detox a call today at . Save your lives, and your relationship!

Testimonial from couple who completed the Novus Couple’s Detox Program:
You have the best facility I have ever been in. The staff is unbelievable, they are all caring and kind. The food is great! I am going to rehab and coming back to visit you all. I recommend this place to anybody.
— BB

I have decided to go forward with rehab. I can’t wait to come back and be clean happy healthy and free! Thank you ALL!
— SB

There is hope for a new life. Call to speak to one of our experienced & caring detox advisors today!

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