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Coroner's Report: Amy Winehouse Died From Acute Alcohol Poisoning

After several months of speculation, it has been determined that Amy Winehouse died from acute alcohol poisoning, and had five times the legal limit of alcohol in her bloodstream when she died. An initial autopsy was inconclusive, though no drugs were found in her system at that time. When she was found in her bed, she had two full sized empty vodka bottles, and a third smaller one in the room. She had been attempting to self treat her alcohol problem, and had been dry for three weeks before the vodka binge that took her life. It is believed to be an accidental death. Winehouse was not suicidal, and often spoke about the future, and what she had left to accomplish. The coroner called it “death by misadventure”. In her career, Winehouse won five Grammy awards for her 2006 hit album “Back To Black”. But she became as well-known for her battle with alcohol and drugs as for her singing. It’s truly a tragic ending for a very talented artist.

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Amy Winehouse passed away in July this year aged just 27

Alcoholism is not just a problem for the rich and famous. In 1999 there were 11 million people in the U.S. whose drinking was considered heavy enough to be considered alcohol addiction or abuse. Today, there are more than 15 million. Despite the number of deaths and ruined lives, we clearly have a serious problem to address.

Alcohol addiction is a growing problem, partly because it is legal for adults to drink and partly because drinking is considered “normal.” However, many people with alcohol addiction don’t really understand what alcohol is doing to their bodies and also are not sure what steps to take to safely stop drinking. Alcoholism is best treated in a facility away from home, where you can detox painlessly, and learn how to change the way you look at alcohol, and learn the harm it has done to you. Amy Winehouse attempted to try to quit drinking without entering a detox program, and the result was tragic.

At Novus Detox, we offer new patient admissions 7 days a week. Your privacy and confidentiality are our top concerns. We offer individual private rooms and, you will be personally treated and cared for by our experienced staff 24/7. Our program is individually tailored to your metabolism, and we offer one-on-one support counseling with staff that know what it’s like to go through the experience. We offer delicious and nutritional foods that help replenish the body. And you’ll leave our facility usually in less than a week, safely withdrawn from alcohol and not taking any new drugs.

There is hope for a new life. Call to speak to one of our experienced & caring detox advisors today!

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